Application using ADM: no replies received from governments

Demande d’aide d’ADM: pas de réponses des gouvernements

The call for help launched by Aéroports de Montréal (ADM), which announced last week it can no longer assume alone the costs of construction of the station of the REM at Montréal-Trudeau remained a dead letter until now.

“There have been conversations. But no, we have not yet had answers”, admitted Monday the CEO of ADM, Philippe Rainville, on the sidelines of the annual general meeting of a private organization. But don’t lose hope, we give in the summer.”

In an open letter released last Thursday, the big boss of the airports of Montreal and Mirabel, indicated that the crisis in which the pandemic of the COVID-19 had left the airport made it difficult to fulfill its commitment to finance as expected the resort YUL-Montréal-Trudeau Airport.

A loan expected to$600 Million

The project 500 to$ 600 Million, to be erected 35 metres under the building, is part of a project of broader $ 2.5 billion aimed at improving the overall access to the airport. However, with the fall of 97% in passenger traffic since march, and a return to normal which could take a further two years, ADM has asked to come to the aid of.

This helps, suggests ADM governments, could take the form of a loan of approximately$ 600 Million, for example, with flexible terms of repayment, vary according to the pace of recovery of its revenue.

No funding, no project

Until now, the response was timid. The Office of project EMN was said to have hope that ADM is able to find a financial solution in the prescribed timeframe. The ministry of Transportation of Quebec has recognized, for its part, the challenges of WMD, while recalling that the organization was the responsibility of the federal government.

“Listen, if we don’t get funding, we didn’t do the project,” repeated Monday morning Philippe Rainville, when questioned about the possible consequences of refusal of the various levels of governments to help him in the coming weeks.

He pointed out that if the aviation sector was actually under federal jurisdiction, such a station of the REM to the Montréal-Trudeau airport would be beneficial to all communities of Quebec and the greater Montreal area.

Consequently, from his point of view, the provincial and municipal governments should feel just as challenged by his call.

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