Appointments at the hairdresser’s until Christmas

Des rendez-vous chez le coiffeur jusqu’à Noël

Hairdressing salons and aesthetics of the greater Montreal area have re-opened their doors on Monday after having been closed for many weeks because of the pandemic of COVID-19, and some already have an appointment book, very complete.

Kevins-Kyle, hairdresser and owner of the Studios, Kevins-Kyle, Mirabel, has explained on air of LCN in the morning that the phone has not stopped ringing and that he is already booked for the days and weeks to come.

“It’s embarrassing! For people who wish to make an appointment this week it is impossible. We even went to the end of July beginning of August for some hairdressers and some appointments will take even up to Christmas! It is a never-before-seen,” exclaimed Kevins Kyle.

If they have re-opened their doors two weeks after their colleagues in the rest of Quebec, the salon owners of the greater Montreal region could be better prepared thanks to the advice of their brothers and sisters of other regions.

“The hairdressers have really been united as a family during this pandemic and it has really helped. If you knew the number of messages that I had from my [colleagues] who were able to help me to investigate the situation. It has really been able to prepare well with good shots of an inch of our friends.”

The psychological benefits

Furthermore, beyond the aesthetic appearance of the salon, some clients enjoy the presence of their hairdresser and the experience can be important on the social level, was entrusted to Mr. Kyle.

“We realized that to go to the hairdresser it is above all the beauty treatments, but these are confidants who are always talking about and to whom we will entrust our experiences.”

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