Appointments at the Malawas: a bad joke

Rendez-vous chez les Malawas: une mauvaise blague

After signing a few successful films, including the irresistible comedy cult Brice de Nice, the French director James Huth has teamed up with a quartet of actors, stars in his new comedy, Appointment at the Malawas. But this summit will definitely not history.

The idea, on paper, wasn’t that bad. The scenario of Appointments at the Malawas is inspired by some tv show in france that brings together celebrities who have no link between them to bring them on a trip to the other side of the world.

It follows, therefore, Leo Polished (Pascal Elbé), an animator star of the show Meeting at the end of the end of the world, who decided to organize, for a Christmas special, a journey in South Africa, in Malawas, the tribe is the most remote in the world. It will bring together, for the occasion, the four guests very popular : Julien (Christian clavier), a newsreader that is deemed, Kevin (Michaël Youn), a star player of soccer, Sam (Ramzy Bedia), a comedian, and Nathalie (Sylvie Testud), a veterinarian who dreams of becoming an actress.

But as it was expected, these four celebrities hypocrites, each of which has an oversized ego will be quickly dépaysées landing in South Africa. Worried for their lives after suspected Malawas to be cannibals, they will take the leak and will be alone all four in the middle of the desert.


With this comedy is packed full of cliches and the characters stereotyped (and even grotesque), director James Huth puts in scene a comedy adventure that flies very low, and in which the plot does absolutely not the road.

Appointments at the Malawas is primarily based on the potential comedy of its four main entry. But the screenplay and the gags are so poor and predictable that even the actors experienced as Keyboard, Testud and Youn fail to save the day.

Only positive point : the landscapes are beautiful breathtaking and the photography, very polished, looks amazing. James Huth and his team visited on-site to shoot the film, and the result is spectacular visually. But for the rest, make an Appointment with the Malawas is a film to forget.

Appointments at the Malawas ★★☆☆☆

  • A comedy by James Huth
  • With Christian clavier, Sylvie Testud, Ramzy Bedia and Michaël Youn.
  • Available in video-on-demand.
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