Apps for encrypted messaging are gaining in popularity

Les applications de messagerie chiffrée gagnent en popularité

If the application Telegram has known a strong popularity among protesters in Hong Kong, the downloads the e-mail application the encrypted Signal has surged since the beginning of the protests following the death of George Floyd last week.

The protesters are seeking applications for email encrypted end-to-end to secure their communications. Concretely, the encryption only allows two parties of the conversation can see the content of the messages.

The app Signal is going to scramble up the faces on the photos to be exchanged between the subscribers that can install on smart phones iOS as the iPhone or Android.

Signal and Telegram are not the only ones to offer encryption end-to-end iMessage from Apple and WhatsApp, which belongs to the group Facebook is secure.

Online services that count the number of downloads have noted this resurgence for Signal. The app has been downloaded more than 37,000 times last weekend, a record, for a total of 121 000 since may 25, according to the website Mashable.

Two major advantages for safe Signal

Among the attractions of the Signal, the app does not collect any data on its users and even offers the function of ephemeral messages that are automatically deleted according to the settings of the application.

The blurring of the faces on Signal

The company behind Signal specifies that “the tools of blurring of faces are integrated in the latest version for Android and iOS, and the faces are detected and blurred automatically. It may be that some of them are not detected, but the users will have a way to blur them manually. All processing is performed on the device and no data leaves the phone.

You can download them here.

The tool of blurring faces

Steal iPhone, really not a good idea

During protests or riots, it is not uncommon to see shops being looted, or vandalism, as has happened in recent days in several large american cities.

What we learned in the case of smart phones iPhone is that they have been targeted by looters who quickly realized that their loot will be useless.

Until now, Apple has established over the years a number of security measures to deter would-be thieves to break into stores and steal merchandise.

Forbes magazine writes that Apple includes a software close that automatically disables the unit when it is made illegally in a store. Thanks to social media, we can finally see the message that salutes the grave robber who turns on her new phone : “This device has been disabled and is followed. The local authorities will be alerted”.

Thus, the devices shown are equipped with a circuit breaker that blocks as soon as they are out of range of the Wi-Fi network to the Apple store. Stolen, they aren’t worth anything, which discourages any form of resale.

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