April 2: what a feast and what not to do in this day

Learn about the fundamental holidays and events April 2 in history

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2 APR, 15:01

2 апреля: какой праздник и что нельзя делать в этот день

April 2 – the day of the report says Fotini Kolodezniy

April 2 is the 92nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year there are 273 days. Birthdays – Anatoly, Victor, Domna, Ivan, Claudia, Matrona, Nikita, Alexandra, Paraskeva (Praskovia), Svetlana, Sergei, Juliana, Theodosius, Julia (Juliana). International children’s book day, world day of information about autism in Argentina celebrate the Day of the Malvinas Islands, Liberia – a Day of prayer.

“Today,” write what Orthodox holiday, Ukrainians celebrate 2 April 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs on 2 April.

Some Orthodox holiday April 2

April 2 – the day of the report says Fotini Kolodezniy. According to ancient tradition, the report says Fotini the Samaritan woman Jesus Christ asked for a drink of water from the well. It is believed that for this reason the water in day 2 APR has useful properties, and the people healers 2 APR used it for the treatment of diseases and removal of damage. There was a tradition to wash with well water – it was very useful.

Signs on April 2

  • Rain April 2 – will be a good crop of mushrooms.
  • If you drink from well water – from disease to be cured.
  • Starlings flew – came this spring.
  • A lot of meltwater in April and a lot of grass will be in may.
  • Day 2 APR hot and the night come cold weather will soon be warm and clear.

Interesting and important events in Ukraine and the world April 2

1879 – the assassination of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. Terrorist Alexander Soloviev shot five times in the king from a revolver, but missed.

1905 and officially opened Simanski tunnel under the Alps, linking Switzerland and Italy.

1912 – world’s largest liner “Titanic” went to sea for sea trials, which were successful.

1978 – on the American CBS TV channel started showing the series “Dallas”. Due to its incredible popularity the series has evolved from a planned 5-part series on the whole picture.

2005 – on 85-m to year of life has died the Pope John Paul II, a pole by origin.

2007 President Viktor Yushchenko issued a decree dissolving the Verkhovna Rada and call early elections.

Who was born April 2,

1725 – Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, international adventurer, lover, writer (“the Story of my life”).

1805 – Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer (“the Ugly duckling”, “the Steadfast tin soldier”, “the snow Queen”, “Flint”, “the little Mermaid”). It is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen is celebrated as international children’s book day.

1840 – Emile Zola, French writer (“germinal”, “Belly of Paris”), writer ( “I accuse”).

1875 – Walter Chrysler, American industrialist, founder of autocorporation “Chrysler”.

1905 – Serge Lifar (Sergey Lifar), French dancer, choreographer, choreographer of Ukrainian origin.

We will remind, Church holidays and posts in April 2019. In addition, we wrote when Ukraine celebrates Easter-2019.

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2 апреля: какой праздник и что нельзя делать в этот день

2 апреля: какой праздник и что нельзя делать в этот день

2 апреля: какой праздник и что нельзя делать в этот день


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