Archaeologists found in the mysterious caves hundreds of ceremonial artifacts of an ancient civilization

Археологи нашли в таинственных пещерах сотни ритуальных артефактов древней цивилизации

Archaeologists had to crawl on their bellies for several hours.

Archaeologists have discovered in Mexico a mysterious cave in which there were more than 200 artifacts of the Mayan culture.

The locals knew about the existence of this place for many years, but only 50 years ago, someone decided to tell about her archaeologist Victor Segovia Pinto. He ordered to seal it for unknown reasons. Because of this, the cave is almost forgotten. At this time, researchers again told about the cave, known as the Jaguar God or Balamku.

Archaeologists had to crawl on their bellies for several hours to find the desired artifacts. In front of the entrance to the cave system they had a 6-hour cleansing ritual with a priest of the Maya. This is necessary in order to ensure safe travel.

Archaeologist from the National Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico named Guillermo de Anda told about the adventure:

“When I got to the first offering, located approximately half-hour crawl from the entrance, I was gripped by an incredibly strong emotion. I actually cried, it realized that we are in a very sacred place.”


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