Archaeologists have discovered in the Crimea an ancient Greek settlement

Археологи обнаружили в Крыму древнегреческое поселение

In Crimea, found an ancient settlementIn the East of the occupied Crimea archaeologists have discovered an unknown ancient Greek settlement, reports the with reference to

“Scientists-archeologists of the Institute of archaeology of the Academy of Sciences unearthed a new ancient Greek settlement in the region of Kerch, which pre-dated IV – III centuries BC and belongs to the period of prosperity of the Bosporan Kingdom,” – said TASS, the Chairman of the Kremlin-controlled state Committee of the Republic for the protection of cultural heritage Sergei Yefimov.

Discovery the researchers made 8 Nov. Archaeologists studying the Russian-occupied Ukrainian Peninsula illegal.

The settlement was called Mantra and occupied an area of about 5 sq.

The village consists of residential areas farmsteads and farm area represented by pits and utility pits. Also, said Efimov, near the settlement and the necropolis discovered that was not looted, and there may be interesting discoveries.

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