Archaeologists have found a strange mummy-like alien

Археологи нашли странную мумию, напоминающую пришельца

Archaeologists have discovered the mummy of a stranger

During excavations in Egypt, archaeologists discovered the mummy, which was not similar to anything, among the things that they saw earlier. She was lying in one of the many tombs. Experts from around the world eager to explore the mysterious mummy, writes the with reference to Accents

The Egyptians drew the face of the dead accurately conveying their appearance in life. However, in this case it was not so. Pattern found the mummy like man, and was similar to the alien from a science fiction movie. Thanks to modern technology, scientists determined the age of the finds. She more than 2300 years. All the mummies were found during the excavations, have been preserved in excellent condition. The plans of scientists conducting a DNA test, which will help to establish the origin of the strange creatures.

Experts have put forward another version of what happened. According to them, this exhibit may be a bad joke plunderers of tombs. Many are trying to find in old graves of ancient artifacts, precious stones, metals and artifacts. Perhaps someone changed the appearance of the mummy.


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