Archived video Natasha Koroleva and Igor Nikolaev leaking, suddenly: what can you say Tarzan?

Архивное видео Наташи Королевой и Игоря Николаева слили в сеть, неожиданно: что скажет Тарзан?

today, 18:11

Visit the “AVENUE of STARS” in the social network Instagram has posted archive video in which a young pop singer Natasha Koroleva talks about his work. Then the frame came Igor Nikolayev, who was still her husband.

Архивное видео Наташи Королевой и Игоря Николаева слили в сеть, неожиданно: что скажет Тарзан?

Natasha Koroleva

“The fragment about the rehearsals and the work of “Documentary tale of love”, 1999. Good evening and night”, signed movie.

So, the video shows the young Queen rehearses and meets with fans. And at half-time meal together with Igor instant noodles.

Behind the scenes, the singer says that since childhood, could not settle down in any team, as we really wanted to be unique. Besides, she said that does not like a lot of rest, so she plans her day so that by evening to feel tired. Moreover, the actress emphasized that he wants the dance team to be respected, not feared.

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It should be noted that Igor launched the career Queen. For her he wrote a bunch of songs that became hits.

Recall that Natasha Koroleva shared intimate details of life with Tarzan.

As reported by the portal Znayu Russian singer of Ukrainian origin Natasha Koroleva has asked President Vladimir Zelensky to allow her to enter the country.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Natasha Kitekat has demonstrated its natural beauty without makeup. The singer showed a video taken immediately after getting out of the shower with towel on head and robe.

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