Are you capable?

ˆAre you capable?


I do not remember having seen for the brave players of the Canadian such a well-acknowledged exercise in Montreal, the severe one. Let's think about this real construction of what should become a magnificent hockey team in 3, 4 or 5 years. I think of this patience, this obligatory resignation of journalists, columnists, presenters, supporters and even leaders of the Canadiens.

I can't wait to listen to the telephone forums or read the social networks after a series of poor performances due to lack of experience. It will take stoicism and great tolerance to experience this reconstruction with a host of kids on board. 

Comedies of errors, clumsiness or simply blunders beginners who will have to be tolerated, digested and above all forgiven in the name of learning, development.


If you get impatient, remember this. It's doable. The construction operation by the young people was indeed successful, and almost in your backyard too. 

It was with the adorable Nords. Jean D. Legault and Marcel Aubut had sold the idea to supporters and commentators. Be patient ! Remember the slogan “La Force des Jeunes”. He was laughed at, he was ridiculed, but he led to the Cup.

In the repechage came Sakic, Nolan, Sundin, and, via Lindros, a formidable Forsberg. Quebec, in reconstruction, ate black bread for a few years, and what is deeply cruel is that after going through the misery of humiliation, shame and kneeling, the team left. Sold, she went to win the Stanley Cup in Colorado. 

So many sacrifices, so much self-sacrifice, it was sad to cry, to cry.

Quebec could, at this chapter, teach Montreal a lesson and tell it that it is possible to build through youth. The coup was successful 260 kilometers from the Bell Centre.

Oh yes, I forgot, the general manager, Pierre Lacroix, a guy from Montreal, had also received an unexpected gift… Patrick Roy, a guy from Quebec. T'sé when the planets align. 

From the enclave

  • Benoit Savard from Pointe -au-Pic confesses: “On the first hole, I made a bogey. In the second, a double. In the third, a triple. And then things started to go wrong… »
  • We went to eight preseason games with the Canadian, for the next campaign. This is two more than last year, which was clearly insufficient for the selection and placement of units.
  • No one has been on the bike faster than Californian Denise Mueller-Korenek. Hold on tight, 296 kilometers per hour. First towed by a dragster, she then let go of the rope and covered the last kilometer at this incredible speed. It was in 2016, in Utah.
  • Sidney Crosbyturns 35 today. The Kid wears number 87. He signed an $8.7 million contract in 2007, and when the new arena was built in Pittsburgh, it installed 18,387 seats as a tribute to Crosby. And, did you forget? His father, Troy, a goalkeeper, was drafted by… the Montreal Canadiens in 1984.
  • The Canadiens will play seven games at the abroad during the holiday season. Quite far from the meat pie, let's say.
  • On Thursday, August 11, the important golf tournament for the Mira Foundation will take place at the Laval-sur-le-Lac club. Guy Carbonneau, Serge Savard, Michel Bergeron, Dary Laflamme (Boscus) in particular will be there. So am I.
  • Is this the first time a guy from Montreal, Jim Montgomery, is going to lead the Boston Bruins ? No. Steve Kasper, from Saint-Lambert, led his former club just before the arrival of Pat Burns in 1997.
  • Enjoy a real eight-day cycling adventure: “ L’Estrie over hill and dale”. Very reasonable daily hikes and impeccable organization. Take a look on Vélo-Québec.
  • Nicolas Huot, pro at the Royal-Québec golf club, was very worried about his friend's state of health Ben Boudreault, pro at the Cerf de Longueuil. We installed two stents and he went home.
  • Meet at the same club in Quebec, a certain Patrick Roy relaxed, smiling, admitting to spending a very nice summer. He plays golf every day.
  • Stéphane Robidas at le Canadien. My God, how beautiful is a French name. Awesome!

&Are you able?