Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster as a couple ? The rumors started again

Ariana Grande et Mikey Foster en couple ? Les rumeurs relancées

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Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster date : the rumors of the couple rekindled

Since they played lovers in the movie clip Boyfriend, Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster are scrutinized by the fans. This weekend, the singer Thank U, Next, and the lead singer of the group, Social House is are reviewed at Disneyland in California. What to revive the rumors of romance, all the more so that they are displayed very close and accomplices. So, are they a couple ?

Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster are reviewed

A single person or a couple ? What is the status in love with Ariana Grande ? This is the question that many fans of the star are asking. Since she is dating Mikey Foster, her boyfriend in the clip Boyfriend, many internet users believe that the two artists are so much more than friends. Frankie Grande, the brother of the singer had even gaffé revealing to have a double date with his sister and the lead singer of a Social House. But it was then quickly back on its about ensuring that her famous sister would be célib.

This Saturday, February 1, 2020, Ariana Grande, and Mikey Foster are together in Disneyland, California. And as you can see in the photos revealed by the DailyMail, they seem to have passed the cape at the top of the friendship…

On the pictures, Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster are especially complicit. Very close, they are held by the hand or by the arm after the shots, but whatever it is, they do not leave. “Ariana remained close to him throughout the evening, she did not let go of his arm for a second” has told a source to the tabloid English.

Friends or in love ?

Only a small shadow of their supposed date ? The possible lovebirds were not alone. Ariana Grande had also invited a friend and two friends. Not to mention the VIP guide who took in all the sights of the park of Mickey and Minnie. Together, the band of friends was able to make The Guardians of the Galaxy , or strolling through Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge, the new themed area on the saga of George Lucas, opened in may 2019.

The one who had reacted to discovering his double impressive on TikTok she therefore organized an outing among friends ? Or was it about to introduce her new boyfriend to her friends ?

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