Ariana Grande got a new tattoo

Ариана Гранде сделала новую татуировку

Ariana Grande got a new tattoo – the largest of all – and at looking! In the figure, applied to the skin of the performer, depicted the main character of the anime film “spirited away”, Chihiro.

The film girl needs to help their parents, turned into pigs, back their look. Grande has published in its instagram story frames with Chihiro, and then talked about her best qualities.

“The transformation of Chihiro in the independent person is a major factor in the development of the plot in the movie.”

“During your adventures in the spirit world she grows from an impressionable girl with a child character in a hard-working, responsible and courageous young girl who learned to put aside their fears for the sake of those in her care”.

“To protect his friends and save their parents from the spell, turning them into cattle, Chihiro leaves behind his old identity and adapting to the environment in order to become a courageous, quick-witted and reliable girl.”

Probably, after some events of my life Ariana compares herself to the heroine of the anime. A little later, the singer posted a thumbnail with a picture of Chihiro and noted your tattoo artist the World Mariah, leaving the caption: “We’re doing it.”

In subsequent stories, she showed a fresh tattoo and admitted: “I love it”, writes

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