Ariana Grande sticks at the presentation of the prestigious award

Ариана Гранде не сдержала слез на вручении престижной премии

The singer burst into tears at the award ceremony “Billboard’s Women In Music”

This year was truly fatal for American pop singer, writes the with reference to Storinka

It is no secret that the singer broke up with Mac Miller after several years of the novel, and later a rap musician died from an overdose of narcotic substances. Additionally, Ariana Grande managed to announce the engagement with a new partner and also get a tattoo with the initials of her boyfriend. But later scandalous celebrity broke up, and the enterprising American has presented a new track. In the song petite brunette has revealed all the details of the relationship with the Hollywood actor.

So yesterday Ariana Grande was unable to hold back the tears, visiting the ceremony of awarding the prize “Billboard’s Women In Music”. By the way, the efforts of the brunette appreciated. Therefore, the pop singer became the owner of one of the coveted statuettes. It is noteworthy that the star surprised fans with an unexpected confession. Standing on the stage, Grande said: “This year has been the most successful during his creative career, but the most horrible in my entire life. So I can’t hide tears and emotions. I had to admit it, because many people do not realize the real price of success. Seeing the outside of popularity, someone will become envious title of “woman of the year”. But believe me, I deserve this award, because faced with many troubles this year, the consequences of which will affect the whole future life.”

In addition Ariana Grande added: “I actually have no idea what I want to do in the future. I hope that the people who are in a similar situation, realize how we are many.” Recall that the American returned to the stage just a few months ago. After all, during the concert of American women in Manchester there was a terrorist attack that took the lives of several dozen people.

Ариана Гранде не сдержала слез на вручении престижной премии

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