Ariane Roy wins the first Mouffe prize

Ariane Roy wins first Mouffe award


The most recent recipient of the Félix for Newcomer of the Year at the ADISQ Gala, Ariane Roy, is the first winner of the new Mouffe award.  

Created last summer by the Outremont Theater in tribute to the famous Quebec actress-lyricist and director Mouffe, this award, accompanied by a $10,000 scholarship, aims to highlighting the excellence of French-language songs among emerging artists. 

Originally from Quebec, singer-songwriter Ariane Roy was the lucky winner among 143 candidates. < /p>

She launched her first album, Medium Plaisir, at the beginning of 2022. “(She) distinguished herself with her original and fiery universe, the pleasure she has in playing with language, her audacity in her artistic choices and her confidence on stage,” reads the press release announcing the news. 

Ariane Roy is 25 years old and started to attract attention in 2000 following the release of his EP Avalanche and his participation in the Francouvertes final. She has since won awards from the Pantheon of Canadian Authors and Composers, the Professional Society of Authors and Composers of Quebec and a college award. She is in the running in the category of the French-language album of the year for the next Juno awards.