Armand Vaillancourt is continuing his artistic approach from the air at Mirabel

Armand Vaillancourt poursuit sa démarche artistique du haut des airs à Mirabel

MIRABEL | The sculptor Armand Vaillancourt was on a visit to Mirabel, Friday, where he was able to appreciate from the air the territory expropriated in 1969 for the construction of an international airport, as part of its efforts to produce a monumental work of art in tribute to the thousands of displaced families.

Mr. Vaillancourt intends to carry a tower 97 feet in height, to symbolize the 97, 000 acres of land expropriated at the time.

Friday, he was able to ride in a basket raised by a crane in order to view the whole of the territory, a step that is part of his creative process, and which will be used to develop the plans and specifications of the work.

The monument will be installed on the site of the future Centre of the collective memory of the expropriation of Mirabel, rue Saint-Vincent, in the area of St. Scholastica. The project is valued at $ 5 million, but this amount represents only the materials given that Armand Vaillancourt has offered to perform free of charge, reported The Newspaper at the beginning of June on the occasion of a previous visit of the artist in Mirabel. The artist had then presented the project and solicited the support of the government for its realization.

No date has yet been set for the completion of the work, but the folder is a priority for the project managers of collective memory on the expropriation of Mirabel.

“The timeline is contingent on government aid, told the QMI Agency on Saturday, Denise Beaudoin, co-director of the C. E. C. C. (Centre for Ecology and Community Consultation), the organization at the origin of the project of collective memory. We will have a meeting soon with the federal government, but one thing is certain, Mr. Vaillancourt, who will soon be 91 years of age, is critical to this important project to him and wants to get started immediately.”

Recall that after the expropriation of 1969 which affected about 3,000 families in several villages of the region, the mega-Mirabel airport was built, and opened in 1975. It has finally closed its doors a few decades later, in 2004.

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