Arnold Schwarzenegger – 72 interesting facts from the biography and the rules of life “iron Arnie”

The famous actor turns 72 years

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Арнольду Шварценеггеру – 72: интересные факты из биографии и правила жизни "железного Арни"

Arnold Schwarzenegger

American bodybuilder, businessman and actor of Austrian origin, politician-Republican, 38th Governor of California. This is the famous “Iron Arnie” – Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who today, July 30, marks 72 years!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: biography

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria in 1947. With 14 years he was engaged in bodybuilding, in 1967 at the age of 20 years won the title of Mr. universe, becoming the youngest winner in the history of the competition. And next year, the future actor moved to the United States. In America, Schwarzenegger went on to win various titles in bodybuilding and 1970, first appeared on the big screen in the film “Hercules in new York”.

However, this and the next few films did not bring great fame to the young actor. The situation changed in 1976 with the release of the picture “Stay hungry”, which Arnold received the award “Golden globe” in the nomination “Best debut”. One of the first true successes of Schwarzenegger began painting “Conan the barbarian”, released in 1982, followed by “Conan the destroyer”. Fiction Thriller “the Terminator” James Cameron, released in 1984, has become one of the best science fiction strips that year. The image of superhero Schwarzenegger embodied in several subsequent films: “Commando”, “Predator”, “Running man”, each of which enjoyed success with the audience.

In 1991, he released the continuation of the trilogy about cars from the future – “Terminator 2: judgment day,” grossed over half a billion dollars at the box office, leaving behind all previous work Schwarzenegger.

In the Comedy “Twins” , “Kindergarten COP”, “Junior”, “True lies” Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to move away from the role of superhero.

In the second half of the nineties, Schwarzenegger has had two complex heart surgery and some time not filmed. In 2003 released film “Terminator 3: rise of the machines” with Arnold Schwarzenegger retired from the film industry.

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In August 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his intention to run for Governor of California, and in October won an early gubernatorial elections in California from the Republican party. Schwarzenegger became the 38th Governor of this state and the first Governor of the state who were born outside of the United States, since Irishman John Downey, elected in 1862. In 2006 was re-elected for a second term. Governor Schwarzenegger’s authority expired on 3 January 2011.

Schwarzenegger was famous for his desire to protect the environment. He initiated the introduction of the most stringent requirements to control greenhouse gas emissions from all still existing in the United States. The Governor of California has taken a number of measures to improve energy efficiency in the state.

Арнольду Шварценеггеру – 72: интересные факты из биографии и правила жизни "железного Арни"

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In February 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he returned to cinema after a seven-year pause in her acting career. Even as Governor, Arnold appeared in a small role in the film by Sylvester Stallone “the Expendables” (2010). In 2011, Schwarzenegger participated in the filming of the movie “the Expendables 2” and “the Last frontier”.

In 2013 came the film “escape Plan”, which together with Schwarzenegger one of the main roles played by another famous actor Sylvester Stallone. In April 2014, the actor started filming sci-Fi Thriller “Terminator: Genesis”, which premiered in July 2015.

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In March 2018, Schwarzenegger has made another heart surgery. Fortunately, the doctors were prepared to ensure that the replacement valve may fail, but successful.

In October of this year is planned the release of the new movie “Terminator: Dark destiny”, footage from the filming of which has already appeared in the network. In the picture of the returned characters Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Interesting facts from the life of “Iron Arnie”:

  • To 30 years Arnold Schwarzenegger became a millionaire. His condition has increased due to successful investments. He opened the business by mail, he founded a construction company Pumping Bricks and moved into real estate. The core of his financial Empire is Oak Productions, through which payments from the movie studios, interest on sales of comics and video games.
  • In July 2011, in the home of Schwarzenegger in Austria, the Museum was opened. The Museum contains a collection of sculptures of former bodybuilder and personal effects of a young Schwarzenegger, including his cot. Came to the Museum and a motorcycle from a famous scene in the movie “Terminator” where he played a major role.
  • In October 2012 released a book of memoirs of Schwarzenegger “total Recall: my unbelievably true life story”.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was married to the niece of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy – Maria Shriver. In marriage were born four children: two daughters and two sons. However, on 1 July 2011, Maria Shriver filed in the superior court of Los Angeles divorce papers, which stated “incorrigible differences” with her husband. And in may of the same year it became known that Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledged that the father of the child maids who worked for the family for over 20 years.

Арнольду Шварценеггеру – 72: интересные факты из биографии и правила жизни "железного Арни"

Arnold Schwarzenegger with ex-wife and children

The rules of life Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous actor believes it is important to understand their desires and to present them clearly. And a lot of work and sleep “faster”.

Арнольду Шварценеггеру – 72: интересные факты из биографии и правила жизни "железного Арни"

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