Arnold Schwarzenegger – 72! The best role of the ageless legends of the militants

Many remember him for Terminator

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Арнольду Шварценеггеру - 72! Лучшие роли нестареющей легенды боевиков

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who showed that it is now in great shape, July 30 celebrates his birthday. Star fighters marks ‘ 72. Of course, many remember him for the role Terminator, but the actor played many other prominent roles.

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“Today” made a selection of movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Conan the barbarian”, 1982

This is perhaps one of the greatest films of all time and the role of Schwarzenegger. The action takes place in the Hyborian age is a fictional period of time, allegedly existed many thousand years before modern civilization. The role of Conan brought Arnold unrealistic glory.

“The terminator”, 1984

From Conan the barbarian Schwarzenegger turned into a killer robot of Terminator. In the center of the plot — the confrontation of a living soldier and robot-terminator, arrived in 1984 from a post-apocalyptic 2029. The purpose of the terminator: kill Sarah Connor — a woman whose unborn son will win the war with the machines of mankind. In love with Sarah soldier Kyle Reese tries to stop the terminator. The film raises the problems of time travel, fate, the creation of artificial intelligence, human behavior in extreme situations.

“Total recall”, 1990

fiction Thriller 1990 Director Paul Verhoeven, loosely based on a story by Philip K. dick “We will all remember”. The film was nominated for the award “Oscar” for best sound and best editing of sound effects, but took a special Oscar for visual effects. Schwarzenegger played in the film the main role.

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“Predator”, 1987

After the success of “Conan” and “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger himself found the script and Director for his next project. The story tells about the struggle of the professional American military with the alien creature in the jungles of Central America; in the course of this fight, the people suffer losses and are forced to abandon the technological delights of civilization, resorting to the experience of primitive hunters for their own survival.

“Commando”, 1985

The main character is a retired Colonel John metriks lives a secluded house in the mountains with a teenage daughter Jenny. Him arrives his former commanding officer, General Franklin Kirby. Metriks learn from him that his former subordinates are killed one by one. The General suggests that the killer will soon get to the Matrix, and leaves two soldiers to guard his house.

Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger read a rap. The star of the “Terminator” has recorded a collaboration with Austrian musician Andreas Gabali.

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