Arnold Schwarzenegger named 'director of action' at Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger named “director of action» at Netflix


Arnold Schwarzenegger has been named Netflix's Chief Action Officer.

The platform announced Monday (22 May 23) that the Terminator star has been named CAO, or Chief Action Officer , tasked with highlighting the streaming service's upcoming action flicks, including Extraction 2, The Witcher and Heart of Stone.

“No one loves action quite like me. That's why I've taken on an important new role as Chief Action Officer at Netflix,” Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a hilarious video accompanying the announcement. “I work around the clock to bring you the greatest number of action movies on Earth.”

And to conclude: “No one likes action as much as I do, and no one bangs as strong as Netflix.”

In the comedy video, the actor arrives at the Netflix offices in a tank and crashes a car. Once at his desk, he observes upcoming action plans and makes suggestions to improve them.

The announcement coincides with Arnold Schwarzenegger's upcoming Netflix series, FUBAR, which marks the first the actor's lead role on television.

FUBAR, which premieres May 25, tells the story of a father and daughter, roles played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro, who discover that they both work for the CIA when they are partnered on a mission.