Around the table: holiday love

Around the table: love for the holidays


Around the table: love for Holidays


Around the table: love for the holidays

Around the table: love for the F&ecirc ;tes

Around the table: love for the holidays

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    • Around the table: love for the holidays

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    Around the table: love for the holidays


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  • Around the table: love for the Holidays

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    • Around the table : love for the holidays

    • Around the table: love for the Holidays

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    • Around the table: love for the holidays

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    Around the table: love for the Holidays SHARING Alexandra Diaz



    Is it me, where we are plunged earlier and earlier into the holiday season every year? I become excited at the idea of ​​celebrations and festive reunions around the table.

    I am also sad because I am torn by the idea that reality is not the same for everyone. At home, we strive all year round to observe moments of deep reflection and empathy. When the first notes of the holiday season play on the radio and in stores, my heart aches and I become aware of the real value of the things and people in our lives. 

    I want my children to appreciate what we have. I watch them go and am relieved to know that they don't keep gift lists. Of course, they will appreciate what they find under the tree, but I am reassured to know that they are satisfied with what they have: a roof over their heads, a close-knit family, a stocked fridge, music and our always open door. to all.

    Around the table: love for the Holidays

    Simple and sincere moments

    I wish us a moment of human sharing, warmth and solidarity. It’s an opportunity to slow down, to get together with those we love, to share a good meal and precious moments. The real magic of the Holidays is found in these simple and sincere moments, far from the pressure of shopping that we often allow ourselves to be imposed on in spite of ourselves. I don't judge us, I want to open up to others.

    La rue des femmes

    This reflection takes on a particular dimension when I think of the women of La rue des Femmes who work for those who are alone or marginalized. The organization offers them refuge, listening and support. Their mission is to restore hope and dignity to those who have been forgotten by society, those for whom the holidays can be a particularly difficult time.

    Do we all remember the importance of empathy and kindness around us? Every gesture of solidarity, every word of encouragement, every smile can make a significant difference in someone’s life. It is in reaching out to others and being there for those in need that we find the true spirit of the Holidays.

    Rue des Femmes, whose fundraising evening took place this week, reminds us that behind every face, there is a story, dreams and hopes. By supporting organizations like this, we help create a fairer and more humane world, where every person is respected and valued. It is an invitation to review the way we celebrate the Holidays, to consider them not as a time of excessive consumption, but as an opportunity to strengthen human bonds and demonstrate generosity.

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    Relational health is the basis of everything

    The holidays are an opportunity to refocus on what really matters: love, friendship, family, community. Relational health is the basis of everything. It is a time to remember that happiness is not only found in material things, but in moments of listening and memories created together. It's a time to appreciate the little things, to be grateful for what we have, and to reach out to those in need.

    In this festive season, I wish us not letting ourselves get carried away by the whirlwind without thinking about the impact of our actions and choices. Let’s encourage each other to celebrate mindfully and meaningfully more often than not. We can make this holiday season a time of fun and mutual support. We can always realign our holidays so that they reflect our values ​​or what really matters. For me, it’s human warmth and sharing a good meal with those you love. And you?