Around the world covered the death “supergreek”: what is known now

Around the world covered the death “supergreek”: what is known now

New infection resistant to medication.

On 10 April 2019 at 13:24

По миру распространяется смертельный «супергрибок»: что известно сейчас

По миру распространяется смертельный «супергрибок»: что известно сейчас

In 2009, in elderly Japanese women was discovered a fungus Candida of previously unknown species. He was named the C. auris. Two years later, the microorganism of the yeast type was registered in South Korea, then spread further in Asia and in the USA the first infected was found in 2013.

To date, the state of new York was 309 cases of infection of C. auris, Il – 144, in new Jersey – 104. Across the country confirmed 587 cases. And no matter how it seemed small these numbers relative to total population – the situation is extremely dangerous. Representatives of the Center for disease control (CDC) emphasize that the fungus affects people of all ages. Developing in the human body, C. auris becomes the cause of infections, including blood poisoning – that is, diseases that without treatment is fatal. Meanwhile, to get rid of it is extremely difficult: fungus resistant to almost all antibiotics. In fact, one of the reasons of its development and became a frequent application of antimicrobial agents: in response to drug “bombing” microorganisms mutate and stop responding to the drug.

At risk – people with weakened immune systems: this is newborns and elderly as well as those who had surgery. Up to 60% affected by fungus people have died. The CDC noted that they all had serious disease, but the presence of C. auris were not allowed to hold effective treatment: more than 90% of resulting infections do not respond to one antifungal drug, and 30% on two or more. In addition, C. auris difficult to diagnose, but if you start the treatment of other types of Candida, the patient will become worse.

The fungus is actively spreading through contact with an infected surface or person. He is very aggressive. Last year in the American hospital, a man died after complications caused by C. auris; the analysis showed that the fungus had infected the whole house – not just a bed and bed linen, but even the curtains and the ceiling. The hospital found it easier to completely dismantle the entire plane than to sterilize the room.

Meanwhile, it is diagnosed only one example, and native fungi may be millions of people around the world: at the CDC have no doubt that C. auris is present in healthy people, the immune system, it restrains.

The head of the antifungal branch of the CDC Tom Chiller (Tom Chiller) C. auris compares with the “creature from the Black Lagoon”: “if He scored a key and is now found everywhere.”

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