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Arrested for calling a prostitute on his honeymoon

Arrested for calling a hooker on his honeymoon


A Florida man was arrested on his honeymoon because he went to meet a sex worker he had contacted online, reports a radio station local radio. 

In the middle of the night, Paul Turovsky left the hotel room he shared with his new wife, while she was sleeping, to go to another hotel in Tampa.

Unfortunately for him, the local police were in the midst of dismantling a sex trafficking ring. The 34-year-old man was therefore arrested and handcuffed as soon as he arrived at the hotel where he thought he was coming to meet a prostitute. 176 men were arrested as part of his operation.

“The only question who remains is: is it too late for those invited to the wedding to be reimbursed for their gifts? ”, launched the sheriff of the county of Hillsborough, Chad Chronister.

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