Arrival bonus, image rights, unpaid salaries… update on the transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid

Arrival bonus, image rights, unpaid salaries… update on the transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid

La star de 25 ans a enfin officialisé son transfert en Espagne. MAXPPP – SARAH MEYSSONNIER/POOL

Le footballeur Kylian Mbappé a officialisé son arrivée tant attendue au Real Madrid ce lundi 3 juin 2024. Un transfert à la base "gratuit" qui cumule des chiffres astronomiques.

The announcement surprised no one. The series ended this Monday, June 3, after long years of waiting. The French striker was transferred to Madrid "for free", but which will probably be more expensive than expected.< /p>

An arrival that pays off

The club which has just won its 15th Champions League had to pay several million to acquire the Ligue 1 star. Despite the free transfer, other considerable bonuses were available ;add to the transfer. Particularly that upon signing, which according to Sky Sports would be around "100 million pounds sterling or more" . A bonus which will be paid exclusively to the player.

As for his annual salary, it will be significantly lower than that of his former club. According to Marca, the 25-year-old star would go from a salary of around 70 million euros gross at nearly 20 million per season. To compensate, Kylian Mbappé will keep 80% of his image rights. It will break the tradition of "50/50" set up by Real Madrid which equitably shared the image rights.

Last Battle

If the departure of their scorer will leave a void, PSG is not done with its former star. A financial dispute began following the partial reinstatement of the player at the start of the season, he who had been sidelined all summer. The Parisian leaders had not paid him his loyalty bonus in autumn 2023, but last February, this payment will finally be made to him.

In addition, another means of pressure was put in place, as reported by Ouest France. A deduction from salaries for April, May and potentially June was made. The lawyers of the future Madrid number 9 are trying to find a solution so that their client wins their case. Note that the LFP legal commission could intervene if no agreement is reached.

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