Arrow season 8 : Felicity back, Stephen Amell confirms the good news

Arrow saison 8 : Felicity de retour, Stephen Amell confirme la bonne nouvelle

Arrow season 8 : Felicity back, Stephen Amell confirms the good news

There will be no tears of sorrow before the final episode of season 8, Arrow. Stephen Amell said on Twitter, Emily Bett Rickards there will resume her role of Felicity for the greatest happiness of the actors and the fans. Attention spoilers.

Emily Bett Rickards return

The end of the shooting season 8, Arrow, announced as the last, will not only be marked by the melancholy of the team. Stephen Amell just announced on Twitter, the final episode of the series – which will be released in January 2020 on the CW in the USA, will allow him to find a familiar face on the sets. Which one ? That of Emily Bett Rickards.

In the next few months, there will be plenty of information that will leak on our last episode. And I’d rather you hear it from our mouths : welcome back Emily” he revealed on his account, thus confirming the presence of Felicity on the screen.

What is the role of Felicity ?

A real relief for the fans – the actress has left the series during the season 7 was recently assured that she would not return in Arrow, and a revelation that questions. Will there be a real role in the plot or a simple cameo ? Can we hope for a happy ending for Oliver (he is supposed to die] with this reunion, or they will simply put in the scene of heart-wrenching goodbyes ?

The mystery remains to the present time, but the coming days should enable us to see more clearly. As we know, the fans of the Arrowverse are very good at entrenching themselves on the shoots to take a few pictures and the actors are the first to post lots of small indiscretions on the social networks. Follow.

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