Arrow season 8 : Oliver eventually be saved ? The hero could not die

Arrow saison 8 : Oliver finalement sauvé ? Le héros pourrait ne pas mourir

Arrow season 8 : Oliver eventually be saved ? The hero could not die

You don’t want to see Oliver Queen die in the final season 8 of Arrow ? Mia and William, either. And, according to the actor Ben Lewis, the voyage in time his children could help him to overcome his horrible fate. Attention spoilers.

And if… Oliver was not finally sentenced to die in season 8, Arrow. As we know since the past year, the character of Stephen Amell is supposed to sacrifice themselves in order to prevent the end of the world to come, when Crisis on Infinite Earths, the new mega-crossover in the Arrowverse. However, many new elements are gradually in the process let us hope for a miracle.

Oliver eventually be saved ?

First, it was discovered during the first episode of season 6 of The Flash, Barry Allen is also intended to sacrifice himself to save the Earth according to the Monitor. A real surprise (why them specifically ?) that suggests to us that something else is going on behind the scenes. It can be seen in Arrow and The Flash, this idea of dying allows surprisingly to the characters to act differently.

Secondly, we now know that Felicity will be back in the final of Arrow, after having been absent throughout the rest of the season. Obviously, his presence could only serve to draw the scene of farewell with Oliver, but a few minutes in a single episode is not sufficient to clearly not to make justice/tribute to their history.

Children ready to rewrite history ?

Thirdly, and lastly, Ben Lewis – the executor of William’s future, himself comes to open the door to a happy ending. Asked by TVGuide about the possibility of a new ending “there has been a lot of discussions in episode 4 concerning the possibility of changing the future. Is it that Mia and William, [now in the present] see it [in time travel] an opportunity to save the life of their father ?“, the actor has not closed any door.

I think that, particularly at the time of this episode 4, everything seems to be possible. If it is possible to go back 20 years in time and meet his father, then there may be no limit,” he said. Where the fate of Oliver seemed to be released for months, Ben Lewis has finally assured us : “They are optimistic to the idea that there could be a better ending, not only for Oliver, but also for Zoe, for DD and for the future whole of Star City. Go back in time showed that everything was possible“.

Yes, the year 2040 as it has been presented could never exist, and Oliver could never die (in any case, not so soon). Hard not to be hypé.

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