Arrow season 8 : Stephen Amell promises the biggest action scene in the last episode

Arrow saison 8 : Stephen Amell promet la plus grosse scène d'action dans le dernier épisode

Arrow season 8 : Stephen Amell promises the biggest action scene in the last episode

Before leaving permanently the Arrowverse at the end of the season 8 of Arrow, Stephen Amell we put full eyes during the last episode of the series. The program ? It will be at the heart of the biggest action scene of his story. It is what it is. Attention spoilers.

Whether we like it or not, the CW will broadcast the last episode of season 8 of Arrow, which will also be the last of the series, on January 28, 2020. A moment dreaded by all the fans, but who would nevertheless make our happiness. In addition to the announced returned of Felicity, Stephen Amell has promised a sequence that will be remembered.

The biggest action scene

That would be an episode of Arrow without a fight ? Not a great thing, it is agreed. Well, if the hero of Star City has already found itself at the center of intense fighting and badass these past few years, the actor has just confided to Collider that it was not only a wee chat in comparison with what awaits us in the final. Good, he has not said with these words, but it’s just like.

We said, ‘Okay, this is our last big battle. Do the best action scene that ridiculisera all the action scenes of Arrow,‘” he said, which is already promising. Then, the interpreter of Oliver Queen then added, “The coolest thing is that, almost all of the stuntmen who have worked on the series, even those in retirement or who are now on Supergirl, Flash, or Legends, are income. Everyone has given their all in what is put in place“.

A gift for the fans

Obviously, Stephen Amell has nothing teasé of the sequence in question. We don’t know who will be the enemy, who would be at his side, what will be the consequences… However, he assured, you will not be disappointed : “It goes a long time. It is a little superfluous, a little theatrical, especially concerning the number of guys I kill. But this is what the fans deserve“.

And to make us understand that we will be spoiled, the actor has revealed a little story for the family : “I I showed it to Robbie [Amell, cousin, ex-Firestorm, The Flash, ed’s note] and he said to me, ‘This is incredible’. I replied ‘This is only the first third, continue to watch’.

The Father Christmas has changed a lot.

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