Arrow season 8 : the shoot is done, the actors moved and sad

Arrow saison 8 : le tournage est terminé, les acteurs émus et tristes

Arrow season 8 : the shoot is done, the actors make their statements on Instagram

All good things come to an end. Unfortunately for fans of super-heroes, it will soon be the case of Arrow, which will stop at the end of season 8. And if its conclusion is scheduled in 2020 at the television, his shooting is already finished. A difficult situation to judge from the reactions of Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, or Colton Haynes.

End of filming for Arrow

The broadcast of the final episode of season 8 of Arrow – and thus of the series, is not expected before January 28, 2020, but the tears are already starting to flow. Indeed, the last days of filming for the actors to have taken place this week. And if you look at their various posts on Instagram or Twitter, the emotion is at the rendezvous for everyone.

It is on Twitter that Stephen Amell has made official the news that everyone feared, the clap of end has been given : “No words can describe what that Arrow meant to me. The 8 best years of my life. The casting, the team of this series have become my family. They are already starting to fail me. I completed [the series]“.

Declarations of love actors

An identical situation experienced by Colton Haynes (Roy Harper), recently back on the trays, which benefitted from his account Instagram to post many photos of the behind the scenes and say in the caption : “today was my last day on Arrow. On the last day where I could work with these beautiful human beings to a series that I was given so much. These people were with me in good times and bad, have helped me more than I’ll ever be able to do it. Thanks to Greg Berlanti for having me brought in this incredible adventure, and all of these writers are talented, the producers, the cast, the team and the FANS have been so awesome all these years“. Snif…

“An incredible adventure” for all

You need handkerchiefs ? You can see already blurred because of the drops that encircle your eyes ? No luck, it is not finished. Always on Instagram, Katie Cassidy (Laurel) has in turn posted a photo of the actors on the sets, and declared his love to the whole world : “Arrow, my family. The amount of love and respect that I have for this casting also great is crazy. I could never imagine such long nights with other. I can’t believe that it is nearing its end. You have me all inspired in different ways and I’m lucky to have been able to be a part of this incredible adventure. Thank you to all of you. I love you tenderly“.

Do you want more ? Don’t worry, David Ramsey (Diggle) is there for you. After having presented to his fans the entire team behind the series, the actor has entrusted to you “During my last week on Arrow, many things have occupied my mind. But above all, this family“. And keep an eye on his account Insta, he has promised many new photos in the hours to come.

Tributes and memories to no end

Finally, if your heart can withstand even more love and declarations, you can discover it below, Juliana Harkavy (Dinah), Colin Donnell (Tommy) or even Katherine McNamara (Mia) have also let them speak their emotions. Dirt of dust in the eye…

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