Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash… : HUGE surprise in part 1 of the crossover !

Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash... : ENORME surprise dans la partie 1 du crossover !

Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash… : HUGE surprise in part 1 of the crossover !

The new crossover within the Arrowverse began on Sunday 8 December on the occasion of episode 9 of season 5 of Supergirl. And unfortunately for fans of Arrow, the writers have taken the opportunity to break their heart. Attention spoilers.

Thing promised, thing due : Oliver Queen is dead. Yes, you read that correctly, while the multi-crossover in the Arrowverse began this Sunday, December 8, with part 1 released in Supergirl, the character of Stephen Amell is already dead. How ? By playing the hero, of course.

Oliver is dead

In order to prevent a wave of anti-matter to destroy the multiverse, and Earth-38, Oliver and the band had to protect some strategic bases facing terrible demons. Problem is, these enemies have proven to be more formidable and dangerous than ever. Facing a defeat so inevitable, Oliver has had the idea of sacrificing themselves in remaining the last bastion of his team to allow his friends to escape and continue the mission elsewhere.

A strong gesture to the image of the hero, who all the same had time to say goodbye to Mia, her daughter, and give him the mission to declare his love to William and Felicity. You also have a dust in the eye ?

A twist of logic

A sacrifice which was to be expected, since teasé since the season 7, Arrow, but who has shocked fans with his timing. And for good reason, everyone expected that Oliver dies at the end of the crossover. However, it is precisely for this reason that the writers have decided to break our heart as soon as the first part.

The micro TVLine, Marc Guggenheim (showrunner) said : “The dilemma which presented itself to us was that we had already spoilé our history. So if the death of Oliver was no longer a surprise, what could be. And it was ultimately the timing of his death, because it was quickly realized that the public would expect to see it die in the 5th part. (…) And with that one has also determined the issues that will take place later : ‘Wow, if Oliver can die, nobody is safe’“. George R. R. Martin and his Game of Thrones may tremble, we know now worse than him.

A death soon repaired ?

However, if this statement makes sense, it cannot, however, help thinking that a miracle will happen during the very last episode ofArrow, expected in January 2020 in the USA. First, as we know, Felicity will be returning to this opportunity. Knowing that she has not had a final scene with Oliver – which is unfair in the light of their history, we don’t imagine the screenwriters to use for simple sequences of flashbacks that are unnecessary or make it fair to cry over his corpse.

Secondly, the Monitor has announced something surprising : the death of Oliver was not one he had ever seen. In other words, the Green Arrow has, somehow, managed to outwit his fate. Therefore, it is now logical to expect another twist later on. After all, it is not as if the Monitor or the heroes were not used to miracles… to be continued…

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