Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl : the first trailers intense and explosive for the crossover

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl : the first trailers intense and explosive for the crossover

Season 8, Arrow has been announced as the last. And to enable him to leave in style, the creators of the Arrowverse have imagined a new crossover totally epic with The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. After the first teasers revealed, this meeting of super-heroic will be a memorable one. Attention spoilers.

This year, Christmas will begin on the 8th of December. In fact, it is this date that Crisis on Infinite Earths – the new crossover in the Arrowverse, and will start in the USA on the occasion of episode 9 of season 5 of Supergirl. And then, the story will continue in season 1 of Batwoman on 9 December, in the season 6 of The Flash the 10 December and will end on January 14, during the season 8 ofArrow and season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow.

The Arrowverse in the face of the Crisis

And to make up our excitement, the CW has just put online 5 teasers under tension (see in our slideshow), each dedicated to one of the series. The program ? While the threat will be imminent, Barry will not be decided to let it go through its destiny if one is to believe his promise to Iris “I’ll come back with us“, the Legends will come out guns and fists to fight in the face of the crisis, Batwoman, and Black Lightning will buguer in discovering the truth behind the multiverse, and Supergirl will bring back his cousin (but not that, poke Brandon Routh) to fuck the beating of the new enemy of the Arrowverse.

These videos do not allow us yet to learn more about the Crisis to come, but we promise, however, of very beautiful moments of bravery and surprises (that will make Lex Luthor here ?). With a Oliver always present to motivate his troops, and willing to do anything to save the world in order to leave in peace, we can expect some spectacular sequences, and memorable. And so what if some of the fights might sound cheap and look similar to those… of the Power Rangers.

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