Arsène Lupin : Omar Sy, a gentleman burglar of modern times for Netflix

Arsène Lupin : Omar Sy en gentleman cambrioleur des temps modernes pour Netflix

Arsène Lupin : Omar Sy, a gentleman burglar of modern times for Netflix

Usually this on the big screen, it is in a new series from Netflix that we would soon be reunited with Omar Sy. The actor has been cast to play the Arsène Lupin of the modern times, surrounded by a cast of 5 stars.

Arsène Lupin will soon find a new life on Netflix through a new original series. And as the unveiled Omar Sy on his Twitter account, sharing a first image of this fiction is expected to 2020, it is he who has been chosen by Louis Leterrier (the Elusive, Dark Crystal) – the director, to slip into the skin of this gentleman burglar.

Omar Sy became Arsene Lupin

A modern adaptation of the story to come if we rely on the image in question (jacket jogging top, sneakers at the bottom for the hero), but it is still very mysterious at the moment on its content. All we know is that Omar Sy will be particularly well surrounded.

According to a press release sent by the platform, are also actresses Nicole Garcia (Dad or Mom 2), Ludivine Sagnier (Rémi sans famille) or Clotilde Hesme (Chocolate) which are expected to be in front of the camera, just as Hervé Pierre (I accuse), laureate shirin Boutella (Papicha), Soufiane Guerrab (The school life) and Antoine Gouy (in The service of France).

The beautiful world a little bit everywhere, it was always in a hurry to find the final result.

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