Arslanbek Makhmudov and Carlos Takam face to face

Arslanbek Makhmudov and Carlos Takam nose to nose


Everything is going like clockwork for Arslanbek Makhmudov ahead of his Friday fight against Carlos Takam for the WBC Silver belt. Eager to step into the ring, he tipped the scales at 263.3 lbs Thursday in Montreal.

Makhmudov (14-0-0, 14 KOs) was 1.9 lbs heavier than Takam (39-6-1, 28 KOs). The “Lion”, who can't wait any longer, has nothing to do with the comments of his French opponent, who believes he can dispossess him of his immaculate record.

“Everything is perfect, but I can't wait for Friday to put on my best performance,” Makhmudov said Tuesday. I had a good camp, now I need to get in the ring to finish the job.”

“Of course all my opponents said he could beat me. We'll see in the ring who can beat me. I can destroy everyone.”

According to Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM), Takam is a perfect opponent for this Casino gala. He has only suffered four knockouts. in 46 professional fights. Boxing fans should therefore have more than one round to chew on.

“He's a guy who has performed well in every fight he's been involved in,” coach Marc Ramsay said. He is a guy with a lot of assets; it really is next level. So, I think it guarantees the promoters a good show, but it also guarantees us a good evolution.”


In anticipation of the semi-final, Steven Butler (30-3-1, 25 K.-O.) and Mark DeLuca (28-3-0, 16 K.-O.), both dreaming of world championships, respected the limit of 160 lbs in view of this battle for the NABF middleweight title.

In the eyes of general manager Antonin Décarie, Butler will have to be wary of the American, who is also capable of hitting very hard. strong.

“You have to be careful: he is a much more dangerous guy offensively than [his last opponent Brandon] Brewer. Either way, it can happen at any time,” warned Décarie.

The hand is fine

Just before the two fights of Makhmudov and Butler, which monopolize the attention, Thomas Chabot (6-0-0, 6 K.-O.) will try to stay perfect with a seventh K.-O. in as many outings. The Mexican Armando Ramirez (3-1-0, 0 K.-O.) will be his opponent.

Chabot was plagued by a hand injury that slowed him considerably early in training camp. A gradual comeback, however, allowed him to recover enough from his injury to approach the fight with confidence and look forward.

“For me, there is no fight more important than others, whatever the issue, launched Chabot. This is one more step; each fight is one more step in the ascension. We're focusing on one fight at a time, the rest will come very quickly.”

Opportunities to shine

On this six-fight card, three of the boxers have no promotional contracts. They still have their fate in their hands, since the busy schedule of EOTTM will open a few doors for them.

To kick off Friday night's card at the Casino de Montreal, Hamza Khabbaz (4-0-0, 1 KO) will face Mexican Jose Gutierrez Bolanos (2-5-0, 0 KO). He was initially to cross swords with the Polish Marcin Jadwiszczak (0-0-1). Martine Vallières-Bisson (5-1-0, 1 K.-O.) will follow against the French Emma Gongora (4-2-0, 0 K.-O.), then Jean-Gardy François (4-0-0 , 2 KOs) will face Andres Sanchez Ramirez (4-4-3, 2 KOs).

This will be a great opportunity to show off for the three pugilists, especially since the gala will be broadcast on Punching Grace and ESPN+.

“We are always open,” said EOTTM general manager Antonin Décarie on Tuesday. Martine, it's been several fights that she has done with us. We have good relations with them and we will see what will happen. The reality is that we have a lot of galas coming up. So, contract or not, they will have the chance to fight on our cards.”


For Vallières-Bisson, the opportunity will be great to put behind her a defeat in front of Laura Grzyb (7-0-0, 3 K.-O.) in January. Despite this unfavorable unanimous decision, the Quebecer believes she has gained a lot by going to face the Pole at home.

“I came back from Poland with a really magnificent background, she said. I'm really just looking forward to putting in all of the mental stuff that I worked on in Poland in the face of adversity.”

“I really had a full camp. […] Like I say all the time, I'm going to be in every second of every round. I have six rounds to go. It's as if I'll have six fights to do on Friday,” argued the one who wants to put stars in the eyes of young girls.