Arson fire lit by his ex-spouse: a mother delivers a powerful testimony

Incendie criminel allumé par son ex-conjoint: une mère livre un témoignage poignant

SEPT-ÎLES | the mother of A family victim of an arson attack that occurred in November 2019 in the reserve of Mani-Utenam, on the North Shore, has delivered a touching testimony on Thursday at the palais de justice de Sept-Îles.

Kathleen Fontaine has described with great emotion how the fire had upset his life and the lives of her three children.

Her ex-husband, the father of the children, David Vollant, has been sentenced to a penalty of three years imprisonment.

The woman was read before the court a long letter where she describes, in detail, the tragic consequences of this fire which occurred in the middle of the night while she slept in the family home with his two children and a friend of a friend of these. Her third child slept elsewhere that night.

David Vollant has lit the fire with gasoline in a shed adjacent to the family home, which has been completely destroyed. It is thanks to the vigilance of a neighbour that the occupants of the house were able to evacuate the premises without being injured.

The couple had separated in the days preceding the drama. David Vollant was harassing and had threatened his ex-spouse by telling him that he would come things catastrophic.

Kathleen Fontaine has described the pain huge it feels from the fire. It is an unforgivable act that has destroyed her family forever, she said in her testimony, dotted with tears. She is depressed and is not able to work. In addition, it has not yet found permanent housing for her and her children, one of whom is affected by autism.

“Their phobia is to see their father, the one who is supposed to protect them. It is against nature, what he has done,” she said in court.

Sentence reduced

David Vollant had pleaded guilty to a charge of arson. On his prison sentence of three years, he still has two years less a day to be served, in view of his detention on remand. It is a suggestion common that had been submitted to the judge Nathalie Aubry. The charge of murder not premeditated, had been removed.

“I can not reveal to you the reasons which made that the head has been removed. However, I can tell you that it has been done after discussion with the victims in the dossier and negotiation with the lawyer for the defence,” said the prosecutor for criminal and penal prosecutions Marisol Guerrero-Clusiau.

“It is a crime that has been committed in a context of domestic violence. There were also children present at the inside of the house. Taking into account all the factors and consequences that the crime had on the victim, it was suggested to the court a sentence of three years,” she added.

The lawyer of David Vollant, Jean-Luc Desmarais, has mentioned that his client, a man impulsive and has an addiction to alcohol and drugs, was crushed by the guilt. David Vollant briefly took the floor to say that he loves his children and asking them for forgiveness.

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