Artificial intelligence: ChatGPT saves a dog's life?

Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT saves a bitch's life?


The Chat GPT artificial intelligence reportedly saved the life of a dog in deteriorating condition, after her owner turned to the software for a second opinion following a misdiagnosis. 

At least that's what a user claims, who told the story of his dog Sassy, ​​a Border collie, on Twitter. The story, viewed nearly 10 million times, was originally shared by French media Numerama.

Initially diagnosed with a tick-borne disease, the dog reportedly deteriorated rapidly despite treatment prescribed by an early vet.

“The vet had no idea what it could be. They suggested we wait and see what happens, which was not an acceptable answer for me, so we rushed to another clinic to get a second opinion,” user Cooper explained, in a series of tweets.

In the meantime, the man would have turned to the artificial intelligence software, telling himself that he had nothing to lose.

“I described the situation in detail. I gave him the actual blood test results from several days,” user Cooper explained, in a series of tweets.

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Reminding that he “is not a veterinarian, but he can help understand blood test results,” the software provided the hypothesis that the dog had “other underlying issues” contributing to her anemia, he continued.

In Asking ChatGPT what other underlying issues might fit this scenario, he suggested a few avenues, including immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), a common complication of certain tick-borne diseases, it says.

“The [second] vet agreed that this is a possible diagnosis. […] After many more tests, the diagnosis was confirmed. GPT4 was right,” Cooper said.

Since then, Sassy has received the proper treatments and made a nearly full recovery.