Artificial intelligence: does Europe have its chances ?

Artificial intelligence: does Europe have its chances ?

Artificial intelligence: does Europe have its chances ?

Marianne Tordeux-Bitker, consultante à l’association France Digitale. DR – DR

L’association France Digitale publie une étude sur la place de l’Europe dans l’industrie de l’intelligence artificielle (IA). La directrice de l’étude, Marianne Tordeux-Bitker, qualifie l’Europe d'"essentielle" dans celle-ci. Explications.

What are Europe’s chances in the race for artificial intelligence (AI), currently dominated by the United States and China ? This is the question that the latest study, recently published, from France Digitale, an association which brings together 2,000 start-ups, titled “From chips to applications, can Europe be a power in generative AI& ;nbsp;?”.

"We are publishing this study because we were constantly asked the question of knowing precisely whether Europe could exist on this value chain of & rsquo;artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI" says Marianne Toudeux-Bitker, director of the study.

Reaching audiences globally

In this context, the study sheds light on the place of Europe. "We thus see that Europe is today present at all levels of the artificial intelligence value chain, whether they are infrastructure, cloud, broad languages ​​with the presence of the French company Mistral AI, applications also" she assures, quickly tempering her remarks. "Nevertheless, the answer is not simple. Indeed, it is necessary to establish partnerships with American companies, because it is necessary to think on a global level, so that European companies become profitable by reaching a global audience, which only Americans can provide."

She also confides that Europe must provide its players with a unified market, while the current European breakup puts them at a disadvantage compared to the United States. "The European continent is 1.5 times larger than the American one. However, each European country has its own legislation, regulations, certification procedure… Having a market at European level could greatly harmonize our tech companies, allowing them to reach a larger market, this is an essential issue for the next European elections!"

It thus ensures that Europe is a key element for its economies and societies in the artificial intelligence market. "It is necessary that each country does not do the development of its AI for itself, because each will weigh almost nothing in the global race. European intervention is therefore necessary." It thus ensures that European intervention also allows companies to remedy national debts. "When we see the public debt that France, Germany, Spain… respectively have. Fortunately, companies can count on European funds!"

France, European leader in the sector

In this situation, Marianne Tordeux-Bitker nevertheless notes the need for European companies to call on private funds. "Public money is not unlimited, especially in view of national debts ! It is therefore necessary for companies to call on private money, because the funds are very important. Individuals must have several accesses to this investment to invest their money, which generally sits in savings plans."

The opportunity for the consultant to place France on the European artificial intelligence chessboard. "In Europe, everyone has a place. That occupied by France, that of leader, in the AI ​​market, but also its innovation policy, its capacity to finance its actors" welcomes- she said, assuring that "the plan recently proposed by Emmanuel Macron responds well to the needs of artificial intelligence, but it was not intended to respond to everything. It is for this reason that Europe is essential, and that it is one of the great causes which can bring together many parties in the next European elections."

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