Artificial intelligence has learned to process the photos (video)

Искусственный интеллект научили обрабатывать фотографии (видео)

A group of experts from NVIDIA and Massachusetts Institute of technology, made a surprise to the international photographers ‘ Day (celebrated on July 12), presenting a neural network which is able to edit any image. As reported by TechToday, description of this algorithm published in the official NVIDIA blog, but the source code was not provided in open access.

A machine learning technique on the basis of 50 thousand broken images, the neural network has learned to remove the noise caused by poor lighting, and color noise on old pictures and eliminate photos of any labels, captions, and watermarks.

It is indicated that this development can be used not only for editing artistic images, but also to correct, for example, poor quality MRI images or pictures of astronomical phenomena.

We will remind, earlier “FACTS” reported that the EU countries agreed on cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.

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