Artists-in policy, check yes, check no

Artistes en politique, cochez oui, cochez non

In announcing that it is preparing to stand for the presidency of the United States last week, Kanye West came to swell the ranks of a growing group of artists who have tried their luck in politics. While there are many examples of singers and actors have succeeded in their transition to the public service, there are also several failures.

Artists wishing to win their elections go yet one step ahead of others on several politicians career. Not because they receive a capital of credibility, but because they have a capital of visibility.

For Pierre Barrette, the director of the School of media, UQAM, it is an important advantage. “Occupy the public space, it is a large part of the work. When you are already, it allows you to skip steps. The Parti québécois, Guy Nantel is passed in front of the candidates more obscure because it was known. In the United States, is what Donald Trump would have succeeded in becoming president if it had not been an actor of reality show ? “

According to Pierre Barrette, the political sphere promotes more visibility endogenous, that is to say, a visibility auto-generated, which is not the result of a particular talent. A reference to the work of Nathalie Heinich, a French sociologist that analyzes the cult of celebrities for several years.

“We expect less and less to be a candidate to take a trip traditional as Barack Obama,” says Dr. Barrette. Obama has led his boat for 20 years to create political visibility. “

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan has appeared in several hollywood films before beginning a real career in politics within the republican Party in the early 1960s. The rest is history, as say the Americans. Reagan has held the position of president of the United States for two terms, from 1981 to 1989.

Pierre Curzi

This Montrealer by birth, has played in several theatre plays, tv series (The daughters of Caleb, Virginia) and movies highlights (The Plouffe family, The decline of the american empire, The barbarian invasions) before being elected as member of the Parti québécois in Borduas in 2007. He remained in the national Assembly until 2012.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This bodybuilder of austrian origin became one of the stars of cinema, best known from most of the decades 1980 and 1990 to play in action films such as Terminator, Predator (Predator) and True lies (True Lies). Schwarzenegger served as California governor from 2003 to 2011.

Maka Kotto

This actor, writer and director originally from Cameroon has been a member of the Bloc québécois at the federal level from 2004 to 2008 before being member of the Parti québécois at the provincial level from 2008 to 2018. In the film, his roadmap is made up of films like A Sunday in Kigali by Robert Favreau, and How to make love to a negro without getting tired of James W. Benedict.

Denis Trudel

This actor made himself known by playing in films such as October of Pierre Falardeau and C. R. A. Z. Y. by Jean-Marc Vallée. In television, Trudel has included roles in Victor Lessard and 19-2. Since last October, he is a member of the Bloc québécois in Ottawa. He had lost at the expense of a new democrat in the federal election of 2015.

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Lorraine Pintal

The famous actress and director general and artistic director of the Theatre of the New World was defeated in the provincial election of 2014, while she was trying to become a member of the Parti québécois in Verdun.

Wyclef Jean

This singer and rapper who was born near Port-au-Prince has experienced a lot of success in solo, but above all within the group The Fugees, whose album The Score sold 18 million copies in the mid-1990s. Wyclef Jean has announced its participation in the presidential elections in Haiti in 2010. His application was dismissed, however, because he remains in the United States since his teenage years.

Cynthia Nixon

The actress of Sex and the City has coveted the job of governor of New York primary elections democrats in 2018. She was eventually beaten by Andrew Cuomo.

Sylvie Legault

Known for his talents as an improviser and for his roles in Omerta and inheritance, the actress and activist pq Sylvie Legault is presented in Mercier to the provincial elections of 2014. She came third, behind Amir Khadir of Québec solidaire and Richard Sagala of the liberal Party of Quebec.

Martin Laroche

Actor as we could see in Francis in the series, Malenfant, Prozac and Rumors, Martin Laroche has represented the Bloc québécois in the 2011 federal election. He came third in the election.

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