Artists of the Cirque du Soleil call for outstanding balances

Des artistes du Cirque du Soleil réclament des soldes impayés

MONTREAL | as the Circus of the Sun comes to cash a financial aid of $ 200 million from the government of Québec, artisans, contractors of the company go up to the front to claim their due.

According to Gabriel Dubé-Dupuis, spokesperson for the Regroupement des artisans des arts du cirque, Cirque du Soleil must 1 115 000 $ to 90 members forming this group.

The group that represents stage directors, choreographers, composers and lighting designers, among others, claiming their salary for work done from January to march for productions in development.

“The Circus has suspended all of these payments at the beginning of march. We have been notified by the end of march, beginning of April. At that time, I joined other creative directors to try to understand what was happening a little and the severity and who was affected,” said Mr. Dubé-Dupuis, on Thursday evening at LCN.

De fil en aiguille, he discovered that the creators of his team were not going to be paid. He was forced to inform itself.

Gabriel Dubé-Dupuis fears the long-term impact on the trust he has built with his team.

“If all of a sudden I realise that you do not pay for them, of trust broken and I am unable to post it for future contracts to say to my designers: “yes yes, don’t worry, with me you are healthy, you are safe'”, he said.

Not once, but twice – before and after the granting of $ 200 million, the group sent a letter to the minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, requesting that a portion of the money will be used to repay the workers. M Dubé-Dupuis is still awaiting a response.

“In my case to me, it is a salary that can pay my rent, to eat and to ensure my own financial security. Now, me personally, I am at financial risk”, he admitted.

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