As a “slave Izaura” “Chervona Ruta” sang in Kharkov

Как «рабыня Изаура» «Червону руту» пела в Харькове

Lucelia Santos went on tour on cities of Ukraine

Host of “World inside out”, Dmitry Komarov, along with the star of the series “Slave Izaura” Lucelia Santos went on tour on cities of Ukraine.

So, celebrities visited Kharkov, where he not only met with loyal fans of the Brazilian actress, but enjoyed the joint improvised speech.

While chatting with the audience Mosquitoes suddenly sang with Santos Ukrainian song “Chervona Ruta”. In Loeselii turned out pretty well.

Dmitry Komarov together with Lucelia Santos will also hold meetings in the Dnieper river, Kiev, Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi and Odessa.

Recall that the actress Lucelia Santos, who played a slave Izaura, arrived in Kyiv at the invitation of Dmitry Komarov.

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