As airlines lose your Luggage

Как авиакомпании теряют ваш багаж

Как авиакомпании теряют ваш багаж

As airlines lose your Luggage

A large part of the bags do lose, but something gets in the wrong hands.

May 4, 2019 at 10:13

In General, the trend is towards operate the Luggage looks very nice. If in 2007, there were 46,9 million cases of loss of baggage, then in 2018 this value was reduced by 47% and amounted to 24.8 million a study conducted by the Swiss company SITA involved in the analysis of the data coming from the Luggage systems in almost all airports in the world.

Specialists SITA noted that the positive trend is primarily due to the work of airlines that are introducing increasingly more technologies for tracking of Luggage at different stages of the flight. Depending on the class of the software used, the tracking efficiency is increased by 38-66%.

The task of the carriers with each passing year it becomes increasingly difficult. In 2016 year, there were 3.8 billion of airline passengers, and two years later they became 4.36 billion Respectively and increase baggage allowance: in 2018, passengers passed 4.27 billion units.

Often baggage is lost during transit flights (with transfers) – in 2018, they accounted for 46% given to the passengers Luggage. This is not surprising as the transfer of baggage in transit involving several airlines and airports.

Another 18% were not uploaded on time, and was late for the plane, 16% are lost due to errors in ticket receipts. Only 5% of lost Luggage occurred in the theft.

The remaining 13% of the losses fall on disparate factors, such as the removal of Luggage from the flight due to overweight or software errors. Do not forget about the human factor: for example, the famous story, when the employee is the best airport in the world three months of the joke changed the Luggage tags.

According to SITA, the amount of annual compensation paid by carriers for lost Luggage has declined by 43% – from 4.22 million dollars in 2007 to 2.4 million dollars in 2018.

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