As his girlfriend gives birth, he attacks newborns

As his girlfriend gives birth, he attacks newborn babies


An 18-year-old man has been arrested after attacking two newborn babies, two nurses and a police officer at a Texas hospital while his girlfriend was giving birth. He faces multiple charges, True Crime Dailyreported. 

On October 3, at around 6:30 p.m., police were called to the Odessa regional hospital because a “man allegedly entered the nursery and attacked patients and medical staff,” according to an employee.

< p>The suspect, Marcus McCowan Jr, was also allegedly aggressive towards police officers, which allegedly led to an altercation between them. He also allegedly attempted to steal the gun from one of the officers. 

Mr. McCowan was in the hospital because his girlfriend was giving birth. He allegedly went to the station where there were nurses and grabbed the arm of one of them. She allegedly asked him to leave, and he allegedly started running down the hall.

Afterwards, the suspect allegedly stared at a mother holding her newborn baby and pushed nurses into the room. the nursery, but in vain.

He allegedly snatched the newborn from the mother's hands and took him to the nursing room. A nurse reportedly saw him put his hands around the baby's neck. He was freed thanks to the staff. 

Then, the young man would have gone to the nursery, where he would have taken another baby and would have started to strangle and shake him. He allegedly told him to die.

Marcus McCowan Jr faces two counts of attempted murder and charges of possession of a controlled substance, attempt to seize the weapon of a police officer, assault of a public official, resisting arrest, criminal trespassing and assault.