As if nothing had happened

Comme si de rien n’était

I arrive a short stay in the area and I will not spend it by four paths : there, I had the impression that the COVID-19 was only a distant memory.

Last Friday, I picked my whole world in my car, headed for a land that I prefer not to name. I do not name, since several people have confided in me that this situation seems to be prevalent in most regions.

Living in denial

I would wander on the highway 40, therefore, when the idea of swallowing a cheese bacon had gotten into me. So I parked my vehicle in a restaurant area and, after having immersed the children in the gel antibacterial, we ventured inside.

At first, I was struck by the fact that the exit was also the entrance. All the world is cruising happily without having to send it by accidentally talking to them on its neighbors. I say that, because NOBODY was wearing a mask, except for the employees. I note in passing that a person on three (I counted) washed his hands using the disinfectant solution placed at the entrance.

I was a little on the behind. It’s been months that the public health repeats to us that wearing a mask is important, that the distancing is vital and that the washing of hands is vital, but it seems that outside of major cities, the vigilance takes the edge.

Same scenario in the region visited. No input or output separate from the grocery store, SAQ and restaurants. I am well aware that the space available to some businesses is insufficient to establish this measure, but still.

I would have hoped that the clients exercise discipline and will deploy a minimum of effort to ensure that this is not the free-for-all.

I’ve seen it all : the world shakes hands, sunbathers packed on the beach, waitresses with the mask lowered under the nose, of the tables less than a meter and plexiglas approximate.

Everywhere, my family and I have worn the mask when it was in a public place inside. We were the only ones. Logic, you say you, you come from Montreal. Of course.

Mandatory within

The government Legault comes (finally) to make mandatory the wearing of masks in public transportation. I am of the opinion that it should be mandatory in all public places in the interior of the province, except the restaurants.

If you tell yourself that the COVID, there is more in you and that they are Montrealers who are irritated by the hair on the legs, think again.

A reader wrote to me in Kingston, Ontario, the people are released because of the prolonged absence of the case and stopped wearing the mask. Two weeks later, there were 31 cases.

I want to believe that it’s the holidays, but the COVID-19 does not, of vacation. And it does not stop at the border of the 40.

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