As Kiev is preparing for the demolition of the bridge shuliavska

Как Киев готовится к сносу Шулявского моста

How is the preparation of feeder roads.

In Kiev tomorrow, March 16, emergency Shulyavska overpass will finally be closed for reconstruction. We visited the site and learned time workers to build the bypass path, reports the with reference for Today.

On Thursday afternoon the work went on several sites under a bridge, on the street Vadym Hetman in the direction of Victory Avenue, the street Dovzhenko, but also on the streets of Tzedeka and Nesterov. On the prospect of Victory has already installed three traffic lights – one at the exit from the street Hetman of the Avenue, the second at the intersection of a row with the Victory, the third on Congress Avenue on the street Garmatna.

Under the bridge the workers have already laid the underground utilities. There we found a tent where a man was selling clothes.

“I’m your construction of an overpass to one place. I will continue to trade cowards!” said illegal trader.

Workers, however, pushed him closer to the underpass. And they say that soon you’ll run, because to be under the dangerous structures.

Now at the facility are working in one shift, but the builders say that the time to do everything on time. But technicians contact networks yesterday, we complained that their area of work they had to begin before March 1, but due to the construction of new bypasses could start the work only a few days ago. On the site of the Congress from the street Hetman of the Avenue of Victory filled the trenches with underground utilities and lay new asphalt. On the street. the detour is completely ready to work.

We drew attention to the fact that these sites also mounted trolleybus network. A bit strange, because during the period of reconstruction of the bridge four trolleybus route will not go in this area.

“A contact network for trolley workers do mounted. It is created to allow the race trolleybuses in the depot after work on short routes”, – told the “Today” Alexander Scolnik, the chief engineer of KP “Management of construction of road facilities in Kiev”.

We walked around the streets of Tzedeka and Nesterov, the movement which will be one-sided. New signs already installed there, but yesterday they were turned so that they were not visible to drivers. Workers explained to us that installs them properly tomorrow when I block the bridge. On the street Nesterov public utilities were installed on poles new traffic lights. Note the condition of the roads on these streets leaves much to be desired on them – numerous potholes. Now the most problematic areas patch. For the repair there is no time – already tomorrow here there is intense movement.

At KCSA assure that there are no delays in repairing the bridge shuliavska will not.

“Close the overpass for transport tomorrow, and on Sunday we start the demolition. In June finish a takedown, and by the end of the year will open the new bridge”, – assured us Alexander Scolnik.


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