As Olga Sumska became popular blogger: Zelensky helped

Как Ольга Сумская стала популярным блогером: Зеленский помог

Olga Sumskaya

today, 16:01

Actress Olga Sumskaya actively develops its pages in social networks Facebook and Instagram. Recently, the star joined the popular among the youth service TikTok. Oli always in the hands of the smartphone. If she’s somewhere at the event or rehearsal, definitely goes on the air to share with his fans. For example, in Instagram the star blogger for more than 600 thousand subscribers.

As admitted Olga Sumskaya Know.ia, she leads all of the pages.

Как Ольга Сумская стала популярным блогером: Зеленский помог

Olga Sumskaya

“I know that there are people who keep the assistants, but did not feel that this is a live page, – says the actress. – When I write the answer – people appreciate it, more subscribe. And this is a good resource in order to enable you to directly communicate with people.”

Sumi is confident that social media is a useful tool.

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“If you go on tour, you can put an ad. People come and are very grateful! It is still communication in cooperation with the producers. Today this commercial moment”, – said the Ukrainian people’s favorite.

Many of the stars of today make good money on the advertising in social networks, but Olga says that she is not interested.

“People often come to me different companies, small and large order I placed a particular ad post, and offer some fees for this, but I still refuse, because I do not want my page has turned into a solid advertising message. Then lose interest and unsubscribe people”, – said Sumi.

Как Ольга Сумская стала популярным блогером: Зеленский помог

Olga Sumskaya with her daughter Tonya

According to Olga, she would like to see the number of subscribers increased. She was so immersed in a parallel life on social networks that advises everyone to use smartphones.

“Because it’s okay today. We have to be at the forefront of the developments of modern technology, especially that now is the digitization of the population. This is just the newest format in which I participated. The Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky and offered me together with Nadezhda Matveeva, several other participants, to advertise for the older generation how to use all the gadgets, social networks”, – said the actress.

Как Ольга Сумская стала популярным блогером: Зеленский помог

Olga Sumskaya with her daughters: Tonya and Anya

Sumi recalled проектt “state within a smartphone”, which was proposed by team President Vladimir Zelensky.

“Live today in this format. I’ve mastered it. Not that I mastered my relatives: say, mommy do not own this, sister – less, Vitaly is already attached. I teach, what smileys which of the frame processing. He tightened. If you need to seek the advice of, I’m going to my younger daughter – she knows everything!” – said Olga Sumska.

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