As Valery Zhidkov became a hockey player, Stendera and a connoisseur of women: revelations of the stars of “Kvartal 95”

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Valery Zhidkov

today, 14:38

Monologues and stand-up Valeria Zhidkova from the Studio “Quarter-95” has always touched on important social and political issues. He jokes acute, subtly and perfectly. Who would have thought that some of the jokes of “Women’s Quarter” on the hard female share also belongs to Valeria. In his youth he began his career with a serious profession operative. But life turned him in the opposite direction, from investigation of economic crimes in the humor on the big stage.

Znayu prepared a big interview with Valery Zhidkova about his work in the “Women’s Quarter” copyright projects and life outside of the scene. He doesn’t like to keep my private life private, but he was candid in the responses about family and growing up of daughters.

What topics raises Valery in standup “When I am the dictator” – read further into the material.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Valery Zhidkov

Valery, held in October, the concert recording of “Evening Quarter” of your speech the audience did not wait? Why?

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I have “Evening Quarter” is not the first year not enough sufficient time to manifest and as a writer and as a speaker. There are many projects that explode. I sometimes “Evening Quarter”, “jump”, as in the last car, with some monologue or speech. My participation, which was scheduled in the concert did not take place for certain reasons. Over the past 5 years for the first time I missed.

But as the author is writing jokes for “Evening Quarter”?

No, the fact of the matter is that long fails. Our Department is firmly left in the “Women’s Quarter”. In addition, I am busy with my projects, so over the “Evening Quarter” not long ago productively worked.

What is your position in the “Quarter 95”?

There are several scenario groups within the “Quarter.” I am the head of one of these groups. And, accordingly, have different qualifications and different degrees of load on the group. There are those who generate ideas, those who finish, there is a group, which is engaged in strategic work, entire projects. Our group tries to think of ideas of projects.

In the “Women’s Quarter” how are you involved?

This is our project, our idea is that we from scratch brought to the scene and implemented. Pre-project modeling, then held auditions.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Big team Women’s Quarter

I, Lena and Sasha Zelensky Pikalov are the main editors and producers. Sasha is the Director of the project. We attract to script the other as groups, adjust their ideas are directed in the right direction, we collected the concert.

Both changed and grown “Women’s Quarter” during those six years of its existence?

I think we are very advanced for this time in many key aspects. Those strategic objectives that were set at the level of ideas before us will be accomplished.

And what idea was that?

When creating a project, you have to understand what it will be and for whom. Target audience set, we managed to attract quite firmly, plus it was wider than we expected.

Maybe it’s just rough, but the concept for this show was for office workers in big cities. Is age 23+: girls with higher education, who in the pursuit of career, making sacrifices, and personal life including. In our society it is the most unprotected category of people. They spend their years and then be in a strange situation. This is not only happening in our country – a similar story we have seen in the TV series “Sex in the city”. This is a trend world – apparently a side effect of emancipation, and other events.

We were looking for a place to enterprises of the viewer, and it took the form of women’s peace feminism. While working on “Women’s Quarter”, the phrase “peace feminism” has become a quite understandable phenomenon and direction.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Valeriy Zhidkov and beauty Women’s Quarter

Where did you got that understanding women?

I don’t know. I love women. I always quickly and easily find common language with them. Among my friends was always a lot of girls talked a lot and quite deep in terms of themes and dive into each other. I maybe know a little better than they show on our TV, in the movies, as they write about it. Our stereotypes I have outgrown: the man – the chief in the family and other nonsense. All this chaff, which is imposed on us from childhood and we were glued, very easy to clean off with yourself. It is enough to see the “Women’s Quarter”. They prove that the girl in our society can be successful and keep your integrity and doing what it was created and what it wants to do.

When I realized that the project was a success?

When I saw our room on the third shot. The first was experimental. We even rented out – at the festival “Fun” in Turkey. Filmed for our people who went there solely for us, “Quarter”. We reinsured: the girls who goes first? Decided to try so. All this was seen quite positively, and the next show was doing in Kiev in October with tickets for the money.

First the audience was very different: someone was going to “Quarter” someone in the name of “Women’s”, someone- just to see what would happen. So the audience was very heterogeneous. But on the third show we watched, when mounted it’s all I’ve seen the girls that we were looking for! They are not blinking watching the whole concert through and miss all that you see on stage, associating himself with the heroes of the rooms. I realized, these are our people, they have not let go. It took another two-three broadcast, it turned out that these girls are brought men. These men tell the others, and we the audience was much wider than we had planned. It’s very cool!

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

A behind the scenes show the Women’s Quarter

And working together like girls?

What was the complexity of this band in the first place? The potential danger and pitfalls that this project was not formed naturally, and we took the girls and said that now they will be together. The fact that individually, each of them have something was, it did not guarantee total success in any way. We had to find between them, we had 14 different people to create a team who is willing to work together.

And work not only on stage but outside, from the atmosphere in the team, finishing with the efficiency and organization of each individual. It all plays a role. But the girls quickly caught fire, quickly found common ground with each other, first crashed on any pair of the three friends, but all this has not prevented them together to create something. So, basically, according to the medical – health team today satisfactory and even better!

And the presence of Lena Kravets played a role?

Lena really helped. On the one hand, this was laid on the potential danger that she will pull the blanket over himself. But she behaved very wisely, properly and professionally in this respect: helping other girls not pretend to be versusu. She is the most loved immediately. Again, she likes what they say, like to participate in it, like the way they look as is. If they don’t like something, we are always open!

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Women’s Quarter and Sasha Pikalov

Dictatorship is not?

It in some moments can be, but it’s purely point cases. Overall, I am advocating that people go on stage, have to believe in what he says, he should like to be funny and not contradict his inner world. Only then will the audience believe! If you’re fooling yourself that it will all be seen in the auditorium.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Women’s quarter

25 November you went on a nationwide concert tour – in its continuation precisely. It’s your solo performances. Why such a gap in dates?

We planned this tour in the pauses between projects, after all, a priority has been “Women’s Quarter”, the shooting. My tour of inferior priority projects.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

“When I become a dictator” – the name of the new program #of Guanito with which you will perform December 11 in Kiev. The performance with this theme you had. You have expanded?

Of course! In the fifth issue of “Guanito” this title was made, but I went through this topic superficially. Why I chose the name for this program? It will be presented this year only in Odessa and Kiev, in other cities, in which you go, there will be shown my last year’s program. She is also on the basis of “Guanito”, but it is more so “peaceful”.

This is how to understand?

More human themes it raises – about children, about sex, about television, about work, about what us happening every day. And “When I am the dictator” – a more social theme, political do not call. What motivated me? These are the paradoxes and the inconsistencies that I see in our society today, and which actually are the main cause of our troubles.

Let’s talk a little bit about standup. Now becoming more and more popular “Rare”, where you can openly joke about something, do not hesitate to insults. How do you get this kind of black humor about it?

Rare comic sandovsky – that’s great! First, initially all ready for these rules. Second, you can answer it.

And in Ukraine is developing in this direction?

Yes. Did it somehow on stage, “Quarter”, with Monticom did in the “Women’s Quarter”. It is clear that on the stage and on the Internet will be the level of correctness of different.

You have to “Cooking” ready? Not going to use in their speeches?

Yet, it was not necessary. Yeah, I saw some piece on the Internet. There are good jokes, even vulgar.

You began your career in Comedy as sandpaper or writer?

Stender is also a writer. There are just different application forms of those thoughts that you have in mind. How I began? It was more literary and stage humor. It was called in the Soviet Union satires, some monologues.

Stand-up probably came first on TNT in Russia, let’s be honest! It was copying American, British direction, because we have this niche was not occupied and its quite properly took the guys from Comedy club. But it was more of a post-Kunowski fformat. With about the same pieces I played in the “block”. We can compete in quality, but the shape was about the same. Namely, the popular stand-we began to echo from Technolo. Accordingly, a TV platform, which appeared in Moscow, some time was understandable guideline for all who wanted this genre to be realized. Imitated each other, parodied.

You too?

It also pushed me to try that genre. I have a couple of attempts made. Now I’m watching this, remember – your had, but rather the imitation of someone else. Then gradually, when it grew in me, I realized that this is the most progressive comic genre, because in the current reality, no surprise when a beautiful picture, the bright stage, and when the form goes to second place and leaves the place content, the stand – up style that will quickly take their space, including in Ukraine. Again, this is a genre where you can be yourself, which for me is very important. I’ve never been a good actor, was never able to get into someone else’s role, to play her.

What about “De-Democracy” happened? In the summer the project was, but not now.

We have a channel there was an agreement until a certain time that this slot our. “De-Democracy” ended with this agreement. Next 1+1 was scheduled for other programs. We are negotiating the renewal and “De-Democracy” and “ЧистоNews”.

And YouTube doesn’t want to do?

I’m a television producer and screenwriter. To become a blogger, I don’t want to!

If to speak about all your projects, what brings you the most pleasure?

Much more satisfaction brings the fact that I have the opportunity to change the shape of the work. This switching from one job to another I find a new breath. As if you didn’t like the stand – “the Goodnight club”, at some point, enter into a mode of stagnation, when it is necessary-necessary-necessary, and it is no longer a creative delight. Looking at me, as the fool, in the sense that I don’t overfeed your projects, although I have the opportunity on the channel to get out more often, but I save the same “Guanito” until such time as I will not desire to do it, because it is a very large amount of work.

If you were to describe in one word, who are you? Humorist?

I don’t know. Comedian is such a vulgar word, to be honest. Call me a pacifist, a person who wants to make the world better.

Their projects?

Yes, those tools that I was given by the nature and that in itself has developed.

A little bit about his personal life. You have two daughters – 13 and 5 years. You are an exemplary family man. And where do you find energy and inspiration?

Your life is taken. Wife is one of those two people who have supported me on one of the important stages in my life when I had to make a choice. She supported me in favor of creativity.

And the second person?

Mother. Here are two people who at that stage I said, “Yes! Do as you think fit.”

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Valery Zhidkov wife

Talking about the first work operative?

Yes. At some point I it is a psychological crisis at work. I worked on economic crimes. The specifics of the work, when it does not coincide with your organic matter, sooner or later it becomes unbearable, then the work does not bring you anything but stress.

And you are the Humanities have always been?

And I don’t know what is Humanities. At school I was better engineering. I have only one Quartet in the certificate in literature. Sounds like a paradox of our education.

What are you a dad?

Bad. I’m the rare dad who is at home very little. I spend very little time with their children and have little effect on their formation, growing up. At least I think so.

With her older daughter – Yes, it was a lot of work, and the youngest?

Nothing has changed in that time, I remain fully at work.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Wife Valeria Zhidkova and daughters

What is your usual schedule?

Meaning even if I’m not in the office, I still continue to work, wherever I was.

And as the wife takes everything?

In any case, the fight is going on constantly in any pair. Some attempt to regain something. Yes, somewhere there are on this soil the conflict, but somehow we endure all this for years. Thanks to her, for what she puts up with it. It is still on my side.

Eldest daughter Lisa, who is 15 years old, chose his future profession?

No, not chosen. I’m watching her and I give you an opportunity to choose. Don’t know, very difficult. She is good in science work, but at the same time she’s very creative.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Lisa Zhidkova

And with family you go out together somewhere?

Extremely rare.

Zhenya Mishka the eldest daughter is already known throughout the country, Lena Kravets – will soon be more popular than mom’s. Why don’t you print in the lease?

If she had this desire, I would have tried to help and push but I do not see that she was eager for some shooting and a place to participate. Lisa is art, but itself.

But how?

Draws, plays on a pile of tools she had learned. She was practicing the piano, but at some point took my guitar. Then asked him to give her the ukulele is such a tiny guitar. I don’t know how to play it, and she understood. Even composes songs, writes. I one heard – not even good, in my opinion!

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Lisa Zhidkova

You are very strict to his daughter!

I objectively appreciate. It is good from the point of view that any and every adult these thoughts slip in the songs.

I see a great future creative, but I don’t want to force her to go in this direction because he came to it consciously.

At the Institute I started to play KVN, but then I could not think that it can become my profession. Creativity pulls me to his side. Even if I turned the wrong way, then I’m still on that path back. Answering the question why I’m not in politics? I don’t want to leave the paths, which will still come back.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Sofia is the youngest daughter Valeria Zhidkova

You have office is a stick. You know, in addition to fishing, you are a hockey fan. But football and other sports have in your life?

Football is somehow not caught on. I’m bored.

Why then hockey? In Kiev will be held the world championship in December.

Yes, I even somehow involved. How can talking about hockey and attract people to this sport. I really like it.

So are you a player?

As a child he played as all the guys. And in the age of the opportunity: this form, which in my youth seemed to be something unattainable, it was impossible to get. And this opportunity came. Just three years ago, I started to play. In 40 years to start doing sport is a very brave decision!

I was engaged to this?

I tried, but I’m so sad, so boring. I tried to run, to go to the gym, but as soon as I had the chance not to do it, I just found a million reasons why I can’t get up early, for example.

But hockey sucked?

Yes! This is the case when I can escape from the shooting.

In your life with your download when you play?

This night League. We have in the city and in the country, ice is very small, so during the day he’s all busy with kids, and hockey fans the only option to play later in the evening or late at night. Way out on the ice can be at 23:30.

And how often?

If you don’t skip, three times a week.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Valery Zhidkov after work, play hockey

You are the only “Quarter” who plays hockey?

I was dragged Misha Savin – he’s the screenwriter. Dragged you to his team. His son plays, and then he decided himself to try.

And how his wife reacted to it? You so rarely see at home.

But how? Initially well. Says: at least to move you, and in the office. I actually began to feel better, even physically, because you can get so exhausting in the gym I could not.

Как Валерий Жидков стал хоккеистом, стендапером и знатоком женщин: откровения звезды "Квартала 95"

Gift Valerie Jidkova

When you come to play hockey, you first had on the ice supply. Skating skated earlier, in addition to childhood?

Three times, maybe I was at a mass skating for 15 years of his life in Ukraine. But we have coaches are professional players, masters of sports, we show you how. And after the first workout, when I got all dressed up, I then four days could not step on the foot. Apparently, some of the tendons that are already ossified, and the ligaments that have atrophied, it all stirred up. Gradually I got involved.

We play for the result and for the good times. It is solely fitness. Great! Then going home with a clean head!

Julia Abramova

Recall that star “Women’s Quarter” Marta Adamchuk commented for Znayu your intriguing photos in a wedding dress. The singer is married or is the outfit for the next performance?

Previously Marta Adamchuk from the “Women’s Quarter” in an interview Znayu openly talked about changes in the team, where did the Nasty Short and what advice the girls gave Elena Kravets. In addition, she has shared details about the visit of Elena Zelensky behind the scenes at the last concert.

And another star “Women’s Quarter” Irina Soponaru declassified as found boyfriend on vacation in an exotic country.

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