ASBH: “I have decided to hand over”, President Jean-Michel Vidal leaves his post

ASBH: "I have decided to hand over", President Jean-Michel Vidal leaves his post

A new page in Béziers ? Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

He expressed his weariness, recently in our columns, president Jean-Michel Vidal will no longer be at the head of ASBH next season, the club announced in a press release.

"With Bruno Boivin, the club's financial boss, we suffer from immense weariness."In an interview with Midi Libre on Thursday, Jean-Michel Vidal had half-heartedly announced a future departure from the presidency of the ASBH. 

"Unable to tell you who will take our place"

This Friday morning, through a press release, the leader announced his decision "to hand over the reins", and assures that "this departure is absolutely not motivated by the latest adventures". Between 40,000€ fines and the hotel affair in Vannes, the ASBH has recently been talked about, other than on the ground.

While its president is about to hang up his phone, ASBH has, for the moment, no new buyer. &quot ;I am unfortunately unable to tell you who will take our place but rest assured, we will not leave the presidency and management vacant. The mayor is talking with investors and we hope for good news." 

But, with a reinforced budget, equal to 9 million euros, as announced by Jean-Michel Vidal, "this club must be at the top of the bill, which was the case this season. All the elements are there to ensure that this continues."

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