ASBH: “We lost the bonus at the end, that pisses me off”, “We like this top of the table and we want to stay there”… reactions after the victory against Brive

ASBH: "We lost the bonus at the end, that pisses me off", "We like this top of the table and we want to stay there"... reactions after the victory against Brive

Charly Malié played a good opening game. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

For the opening of the 22nd day of Pro D2, Béziers defeated Brive at the Raoul-Barrière stadium (34-15), Thursday February 29. a nice success which allows the Biterrois to temporarily regain the lead in their championship. A downside, the loss of the offensive bonus after the siren. Charly Malié and Francisco Fernandes returned to the meeting at a press conference.

Charly Malié, ASBH flyhalf:

On the opponent

"Brive had come with intentions. We knew what to expect, a big physical challenge. A heavy and dense team, with the qualities we have, we had to do everything to overwhelm them. We were effective on that. Congratulations to our big guys for the fight they put in and behind it, the balls we were able to get, we knew how to be pragmatic…"

The loss of the offensive bonus on the wire

"We concede a try at the end which takes away the bonus, it makes us complain because we become a team that is hungry. We like this top of the table and we want to stay there. The five points would have been deserved. But we can't blame anyone, when we see the opponent this evening, he gave us all kilos, and we gave up. We can be proud of ourselves."

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Trust in the group

"It's incredible to live inside this group, we never panic, we saw it against Mont-de-Marsan 15 days ago , even when we are led, we do not panic. This evening we play recovery balls in our 22 meters, to score tries or obtain penalties. There is great strength in this team and we are cultivating it. We remain faithful to our ambitions and we are proud of that."

The atmosphere in the stadium

"When we see Raoul-Barrière like that, it's nice. We are here to play and give pleasure to the supporters. Our goal is to see 18,000 supporters in these stands for the final stages."


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Francisco Fernandes, pillar of the ASBH

On the match

"Brive it's was a big melee, the forwards let loose some juice there but we responded. We showed great strength of character, there are guys missing and those who come back, it doesn't give up. It's been like this for years but we didn't have the results. This year we are here, first and we always want more. We lost the bonus at the end, that pisses me off."

Three-quarters successful…

"The big guys do the job, we give the ball to three quarters and we score, that's rugby. Even for us in front it's super pleasant. Up front, you get paid to dent and behind you, you score. The little strokes of genius like that of Gabin this evening are incredible, it got us back into it because we were in the tough."

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75 minutes played at 38 years old

"It's good for young people, when they are being given a hard time and have only' #39;to come home and enjoy. I would like to pay tribute to all those who went to Vannes, thanks to them, old people like me were able to rest. 12 hours on the bus there and back, that's a long time…This evening we gave it back to them and I thank them for giving a great performance for 50 minutes last week.' ;quot;

The thing besides ASBH ?

"The audience enjoys it and always wants more. We have to take advantage of the people at the stadium. We have something this season that the others don't have. We have the rebounds, all the little things. In the group, there is no clan, we are all going in the same direction. You see today we said to ourselves: « Brive is a big team, we take the points right from the start. You talk, after three minutes we went into touch (laughs). We feel like we are master of the game."

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