Aspire to happiness

Aspire to happiness

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To live happily, human beings need to flourish and live in a sense of fullness, where love, affection and trust are omnipresent. In his new book, Better love yourself Better love , the author Marc Pistorio offers the keys to living in a balanced way in peace, while allowing to move forward in order to aspire to his own definition of happiness.

It is well known that in order to be able to love better, you must first learn to love yourself better. Still, sometimes knowing the adage is easier than putting it into practice. & Nbsp;

 Aspire to happiness

Loving yourself better Loving yourself better
Marc Pistorio
Flammarion editions
249 pages

If you have a tormented mind, that you are not happy in your work environment, or if you feel any evil in living, it is almost impossible to convey love and even less to be able to transmit this love to anyone. & nbsp;

It is absolutely necessary, at first, to bring you closer to your values ​​by doing things, even very small things, which will make you happy and smile inside. Then, do some introspection by analyzing what made living a certain pain, then try to change your environment little by little since you can rarely change everything overnight. & Nbsp;

< p>When you have found the smile in your heart and the feeling of joy inside, anything will be allowed to shine both inside and out. It is when we feel good, that we are invaded by a form of joie de vivre and that it then becomes possible to love what surrounds us, whether it is the people around you, or your work. , or simply its environment.

Benevolence, gratitude and wonder

When you show kindness, it means that you identify with yourself to a form of respect. “Respect is the attachment, affection and love that we give to ourselves and that we give to those who are close to us,” remarks Marc Pistorio.

The author also reminds us of the power of gratitude which perpetually rekindles the feeling of being happy and suppresses the tendency to depression. Even when going through a dark time, it is possible to remember a place that you loved and where you were at, as long as you do so without feeling nostalgic. Then, why not try to reproduce some of these pleasant moments? When you experience what you have just planned again, take the time to marvel to appreciate everything at its true value.

Finally, we understand that happiness is found almost everywhere on the condition of know how to recognize it. & nbsp;

  • Marc Pistorio is a psychologist and mediator. & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • He is the author of several books including, Tell me who you love, I'll tell you who you are and Dare be true . & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • We can follow him on his site: www.drpistoriopsy .com & nbsp; & nbsp;
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