Aspiring renovator

Aspirant rénovateur

The confinement of the last few months has led some of us to develop new passions, or to invest in projects for economics, for personal satisfaction or to satisfy a time once so precious. Several have turned towards the renovation with the head of projects of small or large scale. In one case as in the other, the emissions of renovation to become wizards and inspirational for those who dubiously claim to be do-it-yourselfers.

The renovations of Hugo

Hugo Girard has managed to position itself as a pro of the renovation. With his collaborator, Kevin Bruneau, he arrives at the owners who need a little helping hand in their work. Projects that are realized in a weekend. Interior like the exterior, they give us stuff to ask a floor heating, a re-coating, planting stakes, or mount a wall of privacy on the terrace.

► Wednesday 19: 30 on VAT

Come see my renovations

A contest of renovation led by Kevin Raphael, following three projects of three teams of competitors in their work. We are witnesses to each of the steps. It gives ideas for both the kitchen to the basement or the court. To determine the winner, each will have to assess the quality of the work, design and ergonomics, as well as their overall assessment.

► Monday, 21 h on Casa

The brothers Scott : a home for life

Drew and Jonathan Scott have built a veritable empire of the renovation. They have several series to their credit. Their contribution has allowed homeowners to increase their home’s value for resale. Here, their objective is to renovate the house of couples so that they remain there for a long time. They are visiting projects and then take note of their preferences in order to make the changes. The result is often spectacular.

► Friday, 21 h on Casa

Renovate to rent

It is known that the short-term rental is a growing trend in us as well as internationally. The designer Camille Charland Perez advises its clients to market their homes in order to increase profitability. The beauty of the thing is that everything is done with great taste and low prices. To ensure the comfort too. Her decorating ideas are often simple and add panache to the place. In some cases, it is bold, which is very attractive to tenants of a moment.

► Monday 12: 30 p.m. in Casa

Sell or renovate

This is the 8th season of the american version which is currently proposed futures. It must be said that the popular franchise also has a version in quebec (run by the broker and real estate Maïka Desnoyers and the designer Daniel Corbin). We find there a friendly competition between two facilitators who are trying to convince a couple undecided to the idea of selling or renovating their homes to better understand their needs.

► Tuesday, 21 h on Canal vie

Let us the court

It has been known to double Occupancy, but Sansdrick Lavoie is doing very well in the animation of this show which transformed the course. With designers, Eve-Marie Houle and Jacinthe Leroux, the team designs facilities both beautiful and practical, which correspond well to the requests of the participants. Games for the children, atmosphere, california or south of France, space-bar for the 5 to 7, at the corner of cinema under the stars, it is not the shortage of ideas.

► Tuesday 19: 30 on Channel life

Docks and terrace on the lake

This acquisition gives us access to owners who want to improve their access to water. Some go so far as to create outdoor facilities complete. It makes you want to live on the edge of a lake.

► Tuesday 20 p.m. on Canal vie

All for a cottage

Mathieu Baron anime this contest at the same time user-friendly, panting and full of challenges. Six duets must participate each week at all stages of the renovation of a cottage in the goal of winning it. This is the reality that meeting the magazine of reno. And it is constructive, even for the most neophytes. The first three seasons are presented in quick succession.

► Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. on Channel life

One step at a time

Marilou comes out of his kitchen and began a large project. This series allows us to follow the big jobs that she has had to do with the acquisition of a building to house his business.

► Broadcast on Vé

Passion dust

The actress and presenter Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse is also passionate about renovation and, as can be seen on his site, a woman’s head that knows what she wants. The renovation of his house brought to light several details which one does not think always. It accompanies the actress in the choices she has to make. Episodes are also dedicated to his court.

► Broadcast on Vé

Seen from the inside

This animated series by Sophie Bérubé and presented on the united States, is a source of inspiration in architecture and decoration. It opens the doors of magnificent mansions across the country that are references in contemporary design. It also informs us about trends and innovations international.

► Broadcast on

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

The last few months we have been doing the household. If you feel congested, Marie Kondo is the guru of the storage. Since she landed in America with his method, it would seem that the second-hand shops have never been solicited. A ritual thought to organize.

► Streamed on Netflix

Stay Here

The designer deemed Genevieve Gorder and a real estate expert, Peter Lorimer, advise owners to improve their leasehold. A show that is timely to the era Airbnb and shows us the sites of New York, Washington and Seattle so that tenants are living experiences that go beyond the housing.

► Streamed on Netflix

Sarah off the Grid

The pandemic you want to leave the city ? Living in withdrawal, in nature ? Sarah Richardson, the designer recognized and host of several programs of deco-reno, has had a desire to live the experience. His specialty ? Turn locations trivial in spaces that one would see in the magazines, and this is what she gets to do in this series.

► Aired on

Backyard Builds

This series canadian-led by a designer and a contractor shows being transformed to better adapt to the activities or needs of the owners. Ideas to incorporate elements to make the sport better manage the contour of the pool, mark out a corner reserved for children or the positioning of a relaxing area to watch the sunset.

► Aired on

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