Assad received in Sochi new instructions from Putin

Асад получил в Сочи новые инструкции от Путина

Thursday, may 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Sochi with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Putin’s spokesman described the talks as “a working visit of Assad.”

The Russian leader congratulated Assad “considerable successes of the Syrian army in the fight against terrorist groups”. Putin also noted that “stability in Syria is improving”. Asad said that the terrorists laid down their arms at key points, and this will stop their activity outside Damascus. “This situation opens the door to a political solution to the Syrian crisis”, — Putin said.

Why is it important?

Putin and Assad are fairly common, but this “working visit” to the Syrian President special. The Kremlin is making it clear to the world that a new presidential term Putin does not change its position on settlement of the Syrian conflict. Moscow still supports Assad and intends to keep him in power. “A political decision” implies only one scenario — the elections in Syria in which Assad will be re-elected President of the country, and will vote for him no less of the electorate than voted for Putin in March.

And for the international community will create the appearance of democratic change in Syria. Assad in Sochi confirmed its decision to send representatives to the constitutional Commission of the UN for the formation of a constitutional Committee to work on the new Constitution of Syria. And nothing that the Syrian opposition to this process will not be tolerated.

How to respond to the West?

In Washington, after another chemical attack against the civilian population in Syria warned that can enter new sanctions against Russia for supporting the Assad regime. The EU also criticized Moscow for Assad. It is unlikely that Western countries will accept the fact that the Syrian leader would remain in power after such a terrible bloodshed. Therefore, the conflict in Syria, despite the actual defeat of the “Islamic state” will continue.

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