Assault on a guard at Nîmes prison: the prisoner receives 30 days of disciplinary solitary confinement

Assault on a guard at Nîmes prison: the prisoner receives 30 days of disciplinary solitary confinement

A l'isolement au moment des faits qui lui sont reprochés, le détenu y restera 30 jours de plus. Midi Libre – CATHY ROCHER

This administrative sanction is independent of the criminal proceedings brought against him. On June 18, this inmate attempted to inflict injuries on the face and neck of a guard using a homemade weapon. The unions are talking about an “assassination attempt” here.

Tuesday June 18, an inmate placed in the disciplinary unit of the only Gard prison, one of the most overcrowded in France, inflicted violence on a prison officer. Taking advantage of the opening of his cell during the distribution of the mid-day meal, he allegedly tried to inflict blows on his face and neck, using a pen firmly attached to his hand. a piece of sheet.

Tuesday June 25, the young inmate in question, a homeless man now from Gard originally from the Paris region, was brought before the disciplinary committee of the penitentiary establishment, according to our information without a lawyer, and this, despite his request to be assisted by a court officer during this procedure.

Assault filmed

At the end of the debates, after viewing the video surveillance images which filmed the scene, the inmate in question received the most severe disciplinary sanction possible (incurred in particular in the event of physical violence perpetrated on a member of the prison). rsquo;prison administration, or even on another inmate), namely 30 days of complete isolation in the disciplinary unit.

According to our information, during his hearing, as part of this administrative procedure, the detainee at the origin of the violence claimed responsibility for his actions. And would have explained, at the end of it, wanting to be transferred without delay to another establishment.

During previous incarcerations, this 23-year-old inmate, known for his impulsiveness, would have already been found in possession of homemade weapons: a cutting weapon made with a piece of mirror, as well as ;a fork of which several tines had been curved. Two weapons which he had never used, however, having been seized by prison administration agents ahead of any possible use.

Still incarcerated in Nîmes, this inmate is currently serving a sentence there for "carrying weapons as a repeat offender".

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