Assol told that a long time doing in England, but only begun in Ukraine

Assol рассказала, что давно делают в Англии, но только начали в Украине

Singer Assol (ASSOL), photo: Znaia

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Before the start of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest 2020 only one week left – 8 February, the first semi-final, where number 8 will be released the singer Assol (aka – Katya Gumenyuk).

The actress said Znayu about his contest song “Save It”, its significance and important message.

Assol рассказала, что давно делают в Англии, но только начали в Украине

Singer Assol (ASSOL), photo: Znaia

Assol has released the song on Friday, January 31. As indicated in the description, Save It – not just another song for the contest, it has important social value. Her main message is “start with yourself to help the world.”

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“I am one of the authors words. The song was born from our team specifically for Eurovision, we wanted to write a song with meaning, with a strong message. When it was written, we realized it must sound to a wider audience, because it talks about important things. I really want people to think about the way we live”, – shared the singer.

Composition on the theme of ecology and preservation of the planet, which is as relevant as ever currently, after the speech of Greta Thunberg at the UN summit on climate change.

“Yes, the main topic is ecology, noted Assol. – Also very important to me that people become kinder to each other, carried more positive than negative, was careful in his words because the word is the same weapon.”

The singer shared that the two years I lived in England, where long been concerned with environmental issues.

“There, this topic is very developed, and it’s great. For people out there is familiar. We only to it started to come in Ukraine. It’s good that we take the first steps to sorting garbage, to not use plastic bags, to use reusable straws, glasses. I am very fond of this topic and I have already hooked my whole family: my mom buys packages that decompose. Therefore, it is desirable, of course, that more people was interested in it, do not throw garbage just from the car to the window, and I see that really often, it’s sad,” – said the artist.

Assol рассказала, что давно делают в Англии, но только начали в Украине

Singer Assol (ASSOL)

To participate in the national selection for Eurovision 2020, the singer decided to change the alias, becoming Assol. She previously performed under the name katya, Katya Gumenyuk and Assol.

“This is just a simple rebranding – we write the name in Latin. I am very glad that I managed to pass this way and to breathe new life into the name. I know what I’m doing and love their job, and live it just the name Assol is a great biography, Association, a great experience. I think in the Eurovision song contest must take part Assol, so that people could learn more about me”, – concluded the star.

Assol рассказала, что давно делают в Англии, но только начали в Украине

The participants of the first semi-final of national selection for Eurovision 2020

Recall, January 20 TV channels STB and UA: Suspine Mowlana presented the names of the artists who have been in the number of semifinalists of National selection on Eurovision 2020. In the list of 16 contestants.

There have been changes in the team of the jury: to Andrei Danilko was joined by Tina and Vitaliy Drozdov – quite a new face to the public, but is a recognized expert in the music industry. He is the General producer of the leading broadcasting holdings No. 1 in Ukraine “Media BRANDS” and CEO of “Hit FM”.

Live broadcasts of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 will be held 8, 15 (semi-finals) and February 22 (finals) at the same time on the TV channels STB and NTU.

Leading live broadcasts – Sergey Prytula.

Earlier Znayu talked with rival Assol in the national selection for Eurovision 2020 – Jerry Heil. She said, afraid if the criticism and failed to sing live.

It was also reported that David Axelrod introduced the romantic ballad for Eurovision 2020.

As a new member of the jury of the national selection Vitaly Drozdov has shared his opinion on the song-winner of Eurovision 2020.

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